Top-Tier BGMI Teams That Failed To Qualify For BMPS Season 1


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Five Top-Tier BGMI Teams That Failed to Qualify for BMPS Season 1

Here is a list of prominent BGMI teams that failed to qualify for BMPS Season 1.

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BMOC 2022 Round 4 acted as the qualifier BGMI tournament for BMPS Season 1 which features a massive prize pool of INR 2,00,00,000.
A total of 64 teams competed in BMOC 2022 Round 4 - 32 qualified and 32 were directly invited teams, fighting for the 24 slots in the BMPS Season 1.
Here are five prominent BGMI teams that the majority expected to qualify for BMPS Season 1 but they failed to do so.

The first official BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) tournament of 2022 which is being organized by Krafton is all set to start later today, Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1.

It will be featuring 24 teams from across India that have fought hard to secure a slot for themselves. However, in a bid to grab these limited slots many prominent BGMI teams failed to qualify through the Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge (BMOC) 2022 Round 4, which was the qualifier tournament.

This resulted in Krafton facing a heavy backlash from community members who were not happy with the qualification format being followed for the BMPS Season 1, until a few renowned personalities voiced their opinion in support of it.

Keeping all controversies and tournament conditions aside and only focusing on hard stats and performance, here are five top-tier BGMI teams that will not be competing at the BMPS Season 1.

Five prominent BGMI teams that will not be competing in BMPS Season 1

A total of 64 teams had competed in the BMOC 2022 Round 4, consisting of 32 directly invited teams and 32 teams that had fought through the open qualifiers.

Following an intense series of matches, only 24 of these teams were able to make it through to the BMPS Season 1. Here are the five top-tier teams that many wanted to see qualify but will sadly not be present at the tournament.

5. GodLike Esports

The fan favorites, GodLike Esports, cannot seem to get out of their rut as they continued their string of underwhelming performances. The team was a part of 'Group-2' where they started off well, accumulating 31 points in the first two matches, but lost their groove, scoring just 19 points in the next four to place eighth in their group overall.

GodLike had a way better outing than their last couple of tournaments, but despite their positive efforts they fell short by just two spots, seven more points would have guaranteed them a slot in BMPS Season 1.

However, a huge positive for their fans was to see the team fragging again, as they accumulated a total of 34 finishes, fourth highest in their group.

GodLike Esports - Their arc seems to have taken off

4. Chemin Esports

The inability to survive for longer durations was a constant struggle for Chemin Esports at BMOC 2022 Round 4. The team had an absurd point ratio with 71% of its points coming through finishes while only 29% came off placement, resulting in the team placing 11th overall in 'Group-1' having scored just 31 points in total.

Had the team managed to place in the top five in just two more matches, it might have been just enough to secure a top six spot as only 11 points separated them from the sixth placed team - GOG Esports.

3. Orangutan

The winners of the BMOC 2022: The Grind missed their qualification spot marginally, four placement points being the difference maker as both Orangutan and GOG Esports scored 42 points in total, but the latter had an advantage of four points in terms of placement.

Despite the tie breaker rule coming into effect and spoiling it for Orangutan, it was still a very disappointing run from the 'Ape Army' given the high caliber BGMI team that they are.

They need to be more consistent going ahead instead of playing on extremes. Orangutan literally went from scoring a single point in the second match, to reaching a high of 17 points in match three, followed by a drop to one and subsequently zero points in the next two matches. This is enough to showcase where the problem was.

2. Skylightz Gaming

The BGIS 2021 champions have been a shadow of their former selves since having won the big competition right at the start of the year. Skylightz has enjoyed a couple of podium finishes since, along with a lot of top ten finishes, but an all out victory has eluded them for more than four months now.

Once again, they were not particularly bad at the event but were far from displaying anything good as well. With 38 points to their name, Skylightz Gaming secured a tenth place finish as part of 'Group-3', which is far from satisfying for a team with a roster that has been together for quite some time.

1. TSM

This was hands down the biggest shocker, to see TSM's BGMI roster collapse like that at the most important qualifier of the year was indeed unnerving. Many of us were in disbelief as the team struggled to find finishes while getting overwhelmed in fire fights.

Just a few weeks prior to getting slammed at BMOC 2022 Round 4, TSM was crowned as the champions of the NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational - the first LAN tournament of BGMI.

The funny thing was, in their flurry of scoring 0, 2, 4, 2 points TSM had pulled off a WWCD (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner) in the third match on Sanhok, which was sadly their only moment of glory at the qualifier. It also highlights that the team was actually struggling when it came to other maps like Erangel and Miramar.

TSM were champions of the NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational

These are the five top-tier BGMI teams whose absence from the BMPS Season 1 was the most baffling. Hopefully, the teams will walk away having learned something and continue to work on the mistakes they committed in this qualifier, there are still a lot more tournaments to be played out going ahead.

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