SID, Ghatak, Armin Commend Underdog BGMI Teams And Talk About BMOC 2022 Format


SID, Ghatak, Armin Commend Underdog BGMI Teams, Talk About BMOC 2022 Format

BMOC 2022 Round 4 tournament format has been under heavy scrutiny.

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The event format of BMOC 2022 Round 4 came under heavy scrutiny by community members as many tier one BGMI teams failed to qualify.
SID, Armin, and Ghatak while congratulating all the qualifying underdog teams also spoke about the BMOC's format.
A mix of proven and newcomer teams will be seen in action at the BMPS Season 1 featuring a total prize pool of two crore rupees.

The tournament format of the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge (BMOC) 2022 Round 4 has been under heavy scrutiny by community members, as many tier one teams failed to qualify for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 featuring a total prize pool of INR 2,00,00,000 ($258,164 USD).

With matches of all the four groups coming to an end and 24 teams making it through to compete in the first season of BMPS, a few respected community figures including Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, Abhijeet Harishchandra "GHATAK" Andhare, Nizhum "Armin" Karmakar, and more have come forward to give their opinion on the matter while commending the efforts put in by all the underdog teams that managed to qualify ahead.

BMOC 2022 Round 4 format: Here is what the BGMI experts have to say about it

The manager of Team SouL, SID was emotional following the qualification of Team SouL through BMOC 2022 Round 4, where the team managed to secure a top finish in Group-2 with a total of 94 points.

While celebrating his team's success after missing out on the first-ever BGMI LAN event - NODWIN Loco All-Stars Invitational, SID was mindful of congratulating all the underdog teams that had managed to qualify as well.

"To all the new teams, you made it because you're good. You're the future and I'm honored to share the event with you. Don't let anyone make you feel bad," said SID via an Instagram Story posted through his official account.

Additionally, he also gave his two cents on the BMOC's qualification format as it is being heavily scrutinized by many in the community.

Recalling the time Team SouL had been eliminated from a qualifier, he pointed out that they had admitted defeat and focussed on improving themselves, "Sucks that so many prominent people out there are blaming the format now but didn't say anything last time."

SID outright said that those blaming the format are trying to shift the blame rather than accepting their own defeat, while at the same time "disregarding all the underdog teams that have worked hard to make it."

Statement by SID on BMOC 2022 Round 4 format

Calling the competition "fair and square" and congratulating all the newcomers that will be competing in BMPS Season 1, SID concluded by saying that "I cannot wait for the semi finals because it's going to be super unpredictable."

Statement by SID on duality of the situation

One of the big upsets was to see TSM finishing tenth in Group-4 with just 42 points to its name, failing to qualify for BMPS Season 1 after winning the first offline BGMI tournament just a few weeks ago.

Their team manager, Armin took to Instagram accepting their defeat and said the competition was "tough". He took responsibility for the team's disappointing performance and apologized to all their fans, "We will learn from it and keep improving."

Armin congratulated all the teams that qualified while stating that he is a big believer in underdogs, "I have so much respect and appreciation for them. Seeing these kids perform fills my heart with pride for the future."

Talking about the tournament format, Armin split the blame between big teams and the tournament organizers by stating that one day to judge teams for such a big event was unfair but then teams that are living in a bootcamp and playing on high-end devices "have absolutely nothing to complain about."

Statement by SID on BMOC 2022 Round 4 format

Finally, Ghatak also took to Instagram to voice his opinion on the matter after GodLike Esports failed to qualify, as the team continues in its slump. He straight up said that "You cannot judge a team by one day performance," accepting the mistakes committed by his team and promising to learn from it.

"We had bad time in last five months. Competition is tough because each and every BGMI esports aspirant is grinding so hard to make their debut in the scene," said Ghatak, as he went on to congratulate all the teams that qualified for the BMPS Season 1.

Though Ghatak did not specifically talk about the tournament format associated with BMOC 2022 Round 4, he did accept that it was their shortcoming because of which they could not qualify all the while appreciating the efforts being put in by other teams.

Statement by Ghatak on GodLike's performance

BMOC 2022 Round 4 was certainly a nail bitter with many big BGMI teams and organizations failing to make it through to the next stage. The upcoming BMPS Season 1 is going to be very exciting with a mix of underdogs and proven teams, guaranteeing some unexpected and surprising results for sure.

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