Falcon Esports Kenn Explains Why PH MLBB Teams Are Hard to Beat


Falcon Esports Kenn Explains Why Filipino MLBB Teams Are Hard to Beat

John Dave Rossel
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Falcon Esports' Kenn shares why he thinks Philippines (PH) teams are hard to beat in MLBB tournaments.
According to Kenn, PH teams are very disciplined and rarely make mistakes that can be punished.
Falcon Esports was known as the Dark Horse team in the MSC 2022.

Falcon Esports’ Kenneth "Kenn" Hein shared his thoughts on what makes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams from the Philippines (PH) so hard to beat. Through a livestream the Myanmar pro player said that players from the Philippines are too disciplined when competing and that it’s hard to find mistakes that can be capitalized upon. Falcon Esports was known as the Dark Horse of the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022. The team performed surprisingly well in the playoffs against other regions except for teams from the Philippines. The team eventually finished fourth place after suffering a clean sweep defeat against Omega Esports in the lower bracket semi-finals.

Why the Philippines teams are strong according to Falcon Esports’ Kenn

Through a livestream hosted by the Indonesian caster Handy "Mirko" Loho, Falcon Esports’ star Jungler Kenn explained why PH teams are currently dominating the MLBB esports scene.

“You know what makes Filipinos hard to fight in tournaments? They’re so well disciplined,” said Kenn.

Mirko followed up on the star Jungler’s statement by comparing PH teams to robots who are clinical in their approach. Kenn added that teams from the PH region rarely make mistakes that could potentially be taken advantage of.

“It’s easy to fight undisciplined teams but it’s so difficult to fight Filipinos because they never do stuff they’re not supposed to do,” stated Kenn. “You never see them lacking, you never see them make mistakes and you can’t capitalize on anything. You can’t punish them, it’s so hard.”

Despite Myanmar being recently deprived of an MLBB esports scene due to the political conflict in the region, Falcon Esports remained top-tier during the MSC 2022. It fell down to the lower brackets after a huge upset from RSG PH. The team was able to bounce back after dominating other regional champions such as RSG Singapore and Todak in the lower brackets of the playoffs. However, it fell hard after encountering Omega Esports which delivered a 3-0 clean sweep victory against the Myanmar squad.

Falcon Esports is one of the teams that proved a team can still thrive in the MLBB esports scene despite having little to no esports events being hosted in its region. It will be interesting to see if the Myanmar squad will be able to secure a ticket to the upcoming M4 World Championship.

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