Coach BON CHAN Considers Falcon Esports As the Dark Horse of the MSC 2022


Coach BON CHAN Considers Falcon Esports as the Dark Horse of MSC 2022

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Blacklist International coach BON CHAN considers Falcon Esports as the Dark Horse of MSC 2022 after its dominant victory in the group stage.
Falcon Esports finished with a draw against Todak and delivered a clean sweep 2-0 victory against ONIC Esports.
BON CHAN revealed that Falcon Esports has been practicing despite political conflict in Myanmar which resulted in a temporary halt of its esports scene.

The Myanmar team, Falcon Esports, surprised fans with its dominant victory against the Indonesian (ID) powerhouse ONIC Esports in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022. The Burmese squad broke even with Todak and delivered a clean sweep victory against the Indonesian team. Blacklist International’s head coach BON CHAN shed some light on how Falcon Esports was able to keep up with the top-performing teams in Southeast Asia (SEA) despite the recent Political Conflict in the region which halted the progress of its esports scene. Through sheer dedication and passion, the representative team of Myanmar showed it may be the Dark Horse of the MSC 2022.

Falcon Esports knocked ONIC Esports out of MSC 2022

The group stage of the MSC 2022 saw the Burmese team, Falcon Esports, dominating with a clean sweep victory against ONIC Esports. The team also scored a draw against Todak which came as a big surprise for the fans.

Through a vlog, coach BON CHAN shed some light on how Falcon Esports was able to keep up with the competition despite having no esports events in Myanmar for quite some time. According to him, Blacklist International has been doing scrim sessions with the Myanmar squad even amidst its countries’ political conflict.

“Since Season 7, when their country had a problem, they never stopped practicing,” explained BON CHAN.

He added that when Falcon Esports was asked why they never gave up on MLBB despite not having tournaments to join, the squad answered that “they just love the game and they don’t want to lose their momentum just in case the restriction in their country is lifted. When tournaments finally come, they can still keep up.”

Falcon Esports’ dedication paid off as the squad knocked out one of the powerhouse teams of Indonesia, ONIC Esports, out of the tournament. It was one of the highlights of the MSC 2022 Group Stage as it has been a while since Myanmar was able to participate and dominate in major MLBB esports events. A previous occurrence of this sort was when the Burmese Ghouls secured a first runner up title back in the M2 World Championship.

“Imagine this, they’ve been practicing for a lot of seasons in hopes of joining a tournament, that they aren’t even sure if they can participate in, and it all came into fruition,” stated coach BON CHAN.

Due to the Myanmar squad's impressive performance, the Blacklist International coach lauded Falcon Esports as the “Dark Horse of the MSC 2022.” Heading into the playoffs, it will be facing RSG PH, who currently holds a perfect record of 2 wins and zero losses, on 14th June. The match between both these solid teams shall most definitely be an interesting one to follow.

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