Cerebrum Esports MLBB Squad May Be Acquired by MPL Teams, Says Bon Chan

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Cerebrum Esports MLBB Squad May Be Acquired by MPL Teams, Says Bon Chan</p></div>
Cerebrum Esports MLBB Squad May Be Acquired by MPL Teams, Says Bon Chan


BON CHAN speculates that Cerebrum Esports' amateur team may be acquired by MPL teams.
Bren Esports and ONIC PH are the teams that BON CHAN feels may take Cerebrum Esports' MLBB team.
BON CHAN advises MPL organizations to acquire full rosters of teams as much as possible to prevent the occurrence of chemistry issues.

Blacklist International’s head coach Kristoffer "BON CHAN" Ricaplaza shared his thoughts regarding the release of Cerebrum Esports’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) amateur squad. According to him, the esports organization wouldn’t simply let go of its pro players considering the team recently had its 11th consecutive win in the Realme Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Cup (RMC) Season 6. With an achievement this big, BON CHAN speculated that some Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) organizations may have found interest in acquiring Cerebrum Esports’ amateur players. The head coach also shared his ideas on which franchise teams could possibly acquire these players.

BON CHAN advises MLBB esports organizations to acquire full rosters to prevent chemistry issues

Through a vlog post on 8th June, the head coach of Blacklist International discussed the topic of what could have possibly happened that resulted in the release of Cerebrum Esports’ promising MLBB team.

According to BON CHAN, it would be a waste if the esports organization would simply release its promising amateurs despite doing so well in tournaments. “Think about this, they won a lot of championship titles and then the org just simply let go of them, just like that. It’s nonsense, right?” the head coach stated.

BON CHAN added that this wouldn’t happen unless there is a big opportunity for the players to bolster their career in the MLBB competitive scene. The Blacklist International coach stated that maybe the players were being scouted by MPL teams.

Comparing Cerebrum Esports to the previously dominant amateur team ArkAngel, BON CHAN thinks it would be best if MPL teams acquire full rosters instead of just picking off a few players from the team. He believes this shall help keep a team’s chemistry intact.

ArkAngel used to be one of the top-performing amateur teams in the MLBB competitive scene. However, the team players went their separate ways when Bren Esports acquired Kenneth "Saxa" Fedelin and Vincent "Joy Boy" De Guzman while TNC Pro Team acquired Jomearie "Escalera" Delos Santos. According to BON CHAN, “Their performance was a bit off maybe because the chemistry they built as a team [in ArkAngel] was ruined.”

BON CHAN speculated which teams may acquire Cerebrum Esports

With the possibility of the amateur squad being acquired by MPL teams, BON CHAN speculated that one of the organizations may be Bren Esports. This is due to the fact that the team released several of its players such as Allan “Lusty” Castromayor and Mujahid “Lord Malik” Malik. “Sometimes, Ducky [Francis Glindro] would PM me on whether we have competed against Cerebrum… I think Ducky admires that team which is why I think Bren may acquire them,” BON CHAN explained.

His second guess was that ONIC PH could acquire the amateur squad. BON CHAN explained that he has been seeing a lot of social media posts from ONIC PH players, who he thinks are “dramatic.” There are also rumors of the team disbanding or the esports organization is looking to sell its franchise slot. “Even I don’t know the status but I’m sure ONIC [PH] is still here. I just don’t know who will be the players [for Season 10],” said BON CHAN.

However, considering that ONIC PH also possesses star players, it may pose a problem to form a team without breaking the team chemistry built by Cerebrum Esports.

BON CHAN clarified that he has no source to back up his claims as he is purely just speculating. Fans are advised to take his statements with a grain of salt.

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