Cerebrum Esports Disbands Its MLBB Team After 11 Consecutive Wins


Cerebrum Esports Disbands Its MLBB Team After 11 Consecutive Wins

John Dave Rossel
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Cerebrum Esports disbanded its MLBB amateur team after winning the RMC Season 6.
The team achieved 11 consecutive tournament wins in the MLBB amateur scene.
The team has been releasing all of its rosters including its Wild Rift and all-female MLBB teams.

Cerebrum Esports is one of the biggest names in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) amateur scene. The team has acquired numerous championship titles since its journey as a competitive team. Its most recent achievement was winning the Realme Mobile Legends Cup (RMC) Season 6. Cerebrum Esports previously disbanded two of its teams from various esports titles such as its League of Legends: Wild Rift team and its MLBB all-female team. In a surprising turn of events, the esports organization officially announced on its social media handles that it has released its MLBB team after winning its 11th consecutive championship title.

Cerebrum Esports is releasing its teams from various esports titles

The Realme Mobile Legends Cup (RMC) Season 6 final is one of the most discussed grand final in the MLBB community. This was mainly because of the showmatch that featured the North American (NA) team BloodThirstyKings and Blacklist International’s Sibol squad.

The main event’s grand finale saw Cerebrum Esports winning against Monster Anarchy. The team claimed its 11th consecutive championship title, proving itself as one of the best amateur teams in the Philippines MLBB esports scene.

Through a Facebook post, the team announced the release of its MLBB roster after just recently having won its title in the RMC Season 6. The team is composed of Christian “ZachMighty” Martinez, Bien “BienMighty” Chumacera, Mitzu “AugMighty” Akiyama, Dominic “DomMighty” Del Mundo, and Danver “KevMighty” Caja.

“11 STRAIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPS, a record that will be written down in history. Wins after wins... after wins was no easy task! It was achieved with a lot of hardwork and sacrifice,” Cerebrum Esports captioned.

The esports organization has been releasing team rosters from its various esports titles in the past few weeks. On 27th May, Cerebrum Esports let go of its Wild Rift team. This was announced shortly after the team finished 7th place in the Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia (WCS) 2022 - Philippines (PH). On the same day, the esports organization also released its all-female MLBB team Cerebrum Fetales.

Cerebrum Esports' all-female MLBB team

Considering Cerebrum Esports' MLBB team made a spectacle performance in its run in the amateur scene, it will be interesting to see if its former pro players join any one of the MPL PH teams for the upcoming Season 10.

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