EVOS Rekt States His Hands are Getting Numb but Will Still Play Competitively


EVOS Rekt Will Still Play Competitively Despite Fingers Beginning to Feel Numb

John Dave Rossel
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EVOS Legends star Gustian "Rekt" has revealed that he is suffering from inconvenience caused by the numbness in his hands.
Rekt is considering getting his hands checked in a hospital to make sure it's not something serious.
The player has promised his fans that he is not retiring from the MLBB esports scene.

Ahead of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 9, one of EVOS Legends’ star players Gustian "Rekt" reveals that he is suffering issues with his hands. Through a livestream on Nimo TV, he revealed that this may have been the result of his rigorous training as a Mobile Legends pro player. Rekt is also considering getting his hands checked in a hospital to make sure it's not something fatal. The pro player also promised his fans that he will not be retiring anytime soon and will still continue to compete under EVOS Legends in future Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournaments.

EVOS Rekt complained about his hands being numb during a livestream

Since 2019 Rekt has always been with EVOS Legends . The pro player is currently playing as the team’s roamer and will be competing in the upcoming MPL ID Season 9. However, during one of his livestreams, Rekt experienced an inconvenience in his hands during his livestream. According to him, this may have been caused by playing the game for long periods of time.

“My fingers have started to feel numb, guys. I think it’s already old. I want to go to the hospital to have my nerves checked, it’s like a tingling sensation,” he said.

EVOS Rekt livestreaming on Nimo TV.

When his fans started asking, in the chat, if he is considering retirement due to his condition, he responded that it's too early for him to give up being an MLBB pro player.

"How many years have I played this game? I just need to get more healthy. I really like EVOS Fam guys, I don’t wanna leave EVOS Fam, that’s why I’ll keep playing,” stated Rekt.

Rekt is one of the pillars that made EVOS Legends formidable in the MLBB Esports scene. The pro player was part of the team back when EVOS Legends acquired championship titles from MPL ID Season 4 and Season 7 as well as the prestigious M1 World Championship.

While the team was not able to defend its championship title in last year’s MPL season, EVOS Legends is aiming to redeem itself in the upcoming MPL ID Season 9.

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