EVOS Rekt To Skip Indonesia's National Training (Pelatnas) Due to Health Issue


EVOS Rekt to Skip Indonesia's National Training (Pelatnas) Due to Health Issue

John Dave Rossel
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EVOS Legends' pro player Gustian “Rekt” Hidayat could not participate in the Indonesian national training for the 31st SEA Games due to a health issue.
According to Viorenita “Vior” Sutanto, Rekt's girlfriend, Rekt was tired of having to do livestreams, competing in MPL and scrim sessions to then further join the national training whilst also nursing a hand injury.
Rekt may be suffering from Cubital Tunnel Syndrome which results in the numbness of the hand.

EVOS Legends’ pro player Gustian “Rekt” Hidayat has stated that he won’t be joining the Indonesian team, Pelatnas, for training for the upcoming 31st SEA Games. The pro player was directly invited to the national training which shall also feature pro players from other teams to decide Indonesia's 31st SEA games lineup. Rekt promised that he would still continue his esports career in EVOS Legends despite the health issue, but he has decided to not participate in the Indonesian Pelatnas as he needs time to recover from his health problem.

Rekt’s girlfriend later claimed that he was not disqualified from the Indonesian Pelatnas, but that the pro player himself had decided to leave.

EVOS Rekt reveals reasons for not joining Indonesia’s national training for the 31st SEA Games

As Indonesia prepares its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) lineup for the upcoming 31st SEA Games, one pro player, who received a direct invite to the national training, has decided to resign for the sake of his health.

According to one of EVOS Rekt’s livestreams, the pro player revealed he won’t be participating in the Indonesian Pelatnas. He stated that this is due to the health problem that prevents him from playing MLBB for too long. “Alright guys, it’s not good luck yet. I’m sick, I can’t continue with training,“ stated Rekt.

Following this, Rekt’s girlfriend, Viorenita “Vior” Sutanto, further stated that Rekt was not disqualified from the tournament by any means. Rather, the pro player himself decided to not participate as he needed time to recuperate from his health issue.

“Bae (Rekt) was tired of having to live(stream), MPL, scrim, national training, and his hands also hurts, so he resigned,“ explained Vior.

According to a report from Dunia Games, Rekt may be suffering from Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. This health condition involves pressure or stretching of the ulnar nerve (also known as the “funny bone” nerve), which can cause numbness or tingling in the ring and small fingers, pain in the forearm, and/or weakness in the hand.

With EVOS Rekt out of the Indonesian Pelatnas, it will be interesting to see who will compete in the Indonesian National Team for the upcoming 31st SEA Games, which will be held on 12th May.

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