EVOS REKT Is Against the Idea of Having PH Imports in His Team


EVOS REKT Is Against the Idea of Having PH Imports on His Team

John Dave Rossel
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EVOS REKT stated that he doesn't want to play if EVOS Legends has a Philippines pro player on his team.
EVOS REKT says that his Indo Pride won't allow him to play in a team which has a Filipino pro player import.
Indonesian teams have started dropping hints that they may be acquiring PH pro players for their lineups in the upcoming MPL ID Season 10.

The trend of foreign teams looking to acquire pro players from the Philippines (PH) continues to be one of the hot topics in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community. While EVOS Legends announced that it is open to acquiring Philippines pro players for its Indonesian (ID) squad, one of its pro players Gustian “REKT” is against the idea. EVOS Legends is yet to officially reveal its roster for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Professional League (MPL) ID Season 10. However, REKT firmly stated in one of his streams that he doesn’t want to play for a team which isn’t purely Indonesian due to his pride.

EVOS REKT believes in Indo Pride and refuses to play under a team with PH imports

The rivalry between the PH and ID teams is one of the oldest rivalries in the MLBB esports scene. The competition between the nations gets heated due to the recent major event being dominated by Filipino squads. The Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022 was the most recent event where RSG PH swept RRQ Hoshi in the grand finals.

Following this, EVOS Legends announced that it is open to acquiring pro players from the Philippines. However, ONIC Esports made its first move with the acquisition of Coach Paul Denver “Yeb” Miranda and the star jungler Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol who were former members of its PH division.

Amidst the roster revamp of EVOS Legends, one of its pro players shared his thoughts on the recent trend. Through a livestream REKT revealed that the roster is almost ready. However, he hates the idea of having PH pro players on an ID team and said “I don’t want to play if there are Filipino players. I have pride, Indo Pride.”

EVOS Legends’ official lineup for MPL ID Season 10 would feature a mix of Indonesia and Philippines players, and we might not see REKT playing for the team. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for the team’s official roster announcement which may be revealed soon.

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