EVOS Esports TH Disbands Wild Rift Roster


EVOS Esports TH Disbands Wild Rift Roster

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EVOS Esports TH officially let go of its Wild Rift roster.
EVOS Esports TH recently won the Wild Circuit Asia Open 2022 championship title.
The players are now free agents and are looking to join other teams for future Wild Rift tournaments.

One of the fan-favorite League of Legends: Wild Rift teams in Asia, EVOS Esports Thailand (TH) has officially announced the release of its team roster. The team achieved a plethora of championship wins in its journey in the esports scene with the Wild Circuit Asia Open being its latest victory. EVOS Esports is yet to reveal if it plans to revamp its roster or if it will stop competing in the Wild Rift esports scene.

Riot Games also previously announced that it is halting Wild Rift Esports league operations outside Asia for the year 2023. This announcement sparked controversies and resulted in some esports organizations disbanding their Wild Rift teams.

EVOS Esports TH bid farewell to its Wild Rift roster

One of the top-tier Wild Rift teams in Thailand, EVOS Esports TH, announced that it has parted ways with its players. This was revealed through a Facebook post on 10th January.

“You always be EVOS CHAMPIONS. If there is a chance, hopefully, we can work together again,” captioned EVOS Esports TH.

The team is one of the first pro teams to venture into the Wild Rift esports scene. While the squad was not able to qualify for any of the world series events in the mobile MOBA title, EVOS Esports TH was quite successful in local tournaments. The squad was able to dominate competitions such as the ESL Mobile Open 2021: Thailand Summer and Fall and the Snapdragon Pro Series 2022: Thailand Open Finals.

EVOS Esports TH was composed of the following members;

  • Kasidit "DukeSenpai" Sirichusup

  • Weeravat "VVV" Baolorphet

  • Pokpong "Lenia" Prasomphol

  • Anusak "Miracle" Manpadung

  • Pera "Supporter" Chenkarnsuek

  • Athip "Thipper" Thungsam

  • Prasittichai "Valdus" Jiadchat

  • Jack "Lloyd" Ashiralin - Coach

These players are now considered free agents and are looking to join other teams for future Wild Rift esports events. It will be interesting to see which teams acquire the former EVOS Esport TH players.

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