Evidence Revealed for Alleged Cheating by AP Esports During Juicy Legends Tournament


Evidence for AP Esports' Alleged Cheating Published by Juicy Legends Organizers

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A video compilation proving AP Esports' alleged cheating during the Juicy Legends 2022 Q3 event has been posted.
AP Esports has been banned from joining future Juicy Legends tournaments.
AP Esports' head coach Conrad and pro player SALOMA have been reported to the Games and Amusement Board (GAB) of the Philippines.

In the wake of cheating allegations against AP Esports, the league organizers of Juicy Legends posted video footage that proves the team’s violation. The video shows how the player’s gestures are not in sync with the hero he is playing. This incident was recorded during the Juicy Legends 2022 Q3 amateur tournament back in September. The team reasoned that this may have occurred due to stream delays, but the tournament organizers dismissed it as they are using software with better connectivity and seamless performance. Due to this, AP Esports was officially banned from competing in any future Juicy Legends tournaments.

Moymoy Palaboy posts proof of AP Esports cheating during Juicy Legends 2022 Q3

The tournament organizers previously posted an official announcement, under the Moymoy Palaboy Facebook page, declaring the disqualification of the amateur team AP Esports from the Juicy Legends 2022 Q3 playoffs. This was due to an undisclosed serious violation.

"ULVL Productions, in coordination with the Games and Amusement Board and Juicy Lemon, after gathering substantial evidence have concluded that AP ESPORTS 2.0 committed a serious violation and therefore disqualified to compete in the playoffs," the post captioned.

AP Esports also made an official statement, defending itself from the “Piloting” accusations.

"We are grateful for the exposure opportunity given by Juicy Legends to amateur players and we respect their decision of disqualifying our team from the tournaments. However, we still stand firm in our belief that the decision was biased and unsupported,” said the statement as AP Esports denied all accusations.

Following this issue, Moymoy Palaboy posted a video compilation that claims to prove AP Esports’ cheating allegations to be true.

The video revealed a few questionable actions made by one of the AP Esports players named SALOMA. In the video, the player was seen scratching his head while his hero Paquito was able to perform a dash.

In another clip, the same player was seen spamming abilities even though his hero was already dead. He kept doing the same gesture even if the game was already over or it was being paused due to technical issues.

With the clips presented, the tournament organizers declared that their decision to ban AP Esports from future Juicy Legends tournaments is justified. Additionally, the team’s head coach Conrad and SALOMA have been reported to the Games and Amusement Board (GAB), the regulatory body in the Philippines responsible for regulating professional sports.

"We at ULVL Productions and Juicy Legends will remain firm on our decision to ban AP esports 2.0 and all the players involved including the coach on all our tournaments in the future," Moymoy Palaboy captioned.

The Juicy Legends 2022 Q3 will hit its climax on 22nd September with Gamelab securing its grand finals slot. Z4 Pegaxy and Minana Esports will duke it out to determine who will proceed to the finale and go against Gamelab to determine the champion.

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