Dignitas Draws Massive Flak After Taking a Shot at Mobile Gaming


Dignitas Draws Massive Flak After Taking a Shot at Mobile Gaming

John Dave Rossel
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Dignitas recieved backlash from the community for its recent Tweet regarding mobile gaming.
Popular mobile gaming personalities such as iFerg and Sonho replied to the tweet calling out Dignitas for its opinion on mobile gaming.
Dignitas has now deleted a Tweet and posted a new meme mocking itself for being a clown for its opinion.

Popular mobile gaming content creator Luke “iFerg” Fergie called out New Jersey-based esports organization Dignitas for its recent tweet about mobile gaming. iFerg (who is also a co-owner of Tribe gaming) commented on the post and cited his achievements in the esports scene stating that he has achieved more than what Dignitas has achieved in the last five years, calling the organization irrelevant. After the backlash from the mobile gaming community, the Dignitas esports organization deleted its Tweet and posted a meme, mocking itself for its opinions.

Dignitas under fire due to Tweeting that “mobile gaming is not real gaming”

The discussion about the legitimacy of mobile game titles as “real gaming” is one of the most controversial topics in gaming communities. Dr. Disrespect has previously made a Tweet saying that mobile gaming is not a serious venture. However, after trying out Call of Duty: Mobile for the first time, the streamer has since realized the value of mobile gaming. He even stated that the mobile shooter title has so much content in it, causing him to think that the “ mobile community is spoiled.”

A recent Tweet by the esports organization Dignitas sparked the controversial topic once again. In a now-deleted Tweet, the organization posted a meme captioned “agreeing that mobile gaming is not gaming.“

This post quickly caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the mobile esports scene such as Tribe Gaming’s iFerg and TSM FTX’s Alexandre “Sonho” Luis Mostovoi.

iFerg responded to the post stating that “I have won more tournaments in the last 5 years than your entire organization combined. The most relevant thing that has happened to you this decade has been this ratio.”

Sonho shared his thoughts about Dignita’s post stating that “I don't remember asking + mobile gamers are real gamers + easiest ratio of my life that I will remember for decades.”

After receiving backlash from the community, Dignitas removed its controversial Tweet and posted a new meme about being a clown for its opinion.

Mobile Esports is steadily becoming a strong entity in terms of esports viewership. In 2021, two of the top five most viewed esports titles were mobile esports titles. In 2022, Mobile Esports tournaments like the MPL ID Season 9, MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022, and the 31st Southeast Asian Games MLBB are the top 3 most watched esports tournaments so far beating out the likes of League of Legends’ Mid Season Invitational 2022 and the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

So Dignitas statements seem ridiculous and reeks of elitism, even if the Tweets were made in jest.

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