COD: Mobile Season 8 All Battle Pass Rewards Leaked


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COD: Mobile Season 8 All Battle Pass Rewards Leaked

Ahsan Kabir
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Sotsumbachi's Deadly Hornet: Intriguing new character skin with a captivating mask, cape, and detailed armor.
Indomitable LK 24 Blueprint: Gold and white accents with a likely modified iron sight.
The Iron Monk's Uniform: Unique design for an operator skin in Season 8's Battle Pass.

Call of Duty: Mobile (COD: Mobile) continues to enthrall its player base with each new season, and Season 8 is no exception. The Battle Pass in Season 8 is packed with an array of enticing rewards that cater to various preferences. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at all the Battle Pass rewards, from character skins to weapon blueprints, frames, avatars, and calling cards.

Character Skins

Sotsumbachi - Deadly Hornet Uniform

One of the highlights of the Season 8 Battle Pass is the introduction of the Sotsumbachi operator in his Deadly Hornet uniform. This character features an eye-catching mask, a stylish cape, and intricate armor details.

Sotsumbachi - Deadly Hornet Uniform


Newsom - Martial Arts Uniform

Newsom joins the roster with his martial arts-themed character skin. While his hair may not entirely match the martial arts attire, it's a welcome addition to the collection.


The new Domino character skin breaks away from its Battle Pass predecessors with a unique design that many players may find appealing.

The Iron Monk - The Hundred Fists Uniform

The Iron Monk, in his The Hundred Fists uniform, rounds out the character skins available in the Season 8 Battle Pass. The attention to detail in this skin is worth noting.

Weapon Skins

Jerrell Mg - Strom Search Blueprint

The Strom Search blueprint for the Jerrell Mg stands out with its futuristic aesthetics and a pleasing color palette. However, some players may find its iron sight less than optimal.

LK 24 - Indomitable Blueprint

The Indomitable blueprint for the LK 24 brings gold and white accents to the weapon, likely with a modified iron sight to match.

FENC SMG - Midas Chloro Blueprint

The Midas Chloro blueprint for the FENC SMG bears a resemblance to the Royal Coffer lucky draw skin. Like its predecessors, it may not feature a remarkable iron sight.

FENC SMG - Midas Chloro Blueprint


SKS Marksman Rifle - Ignited Rage Blueprint

The Ignited Rage blueprint for the SKS Marksman rifle boasts a captivating color scheme and modifications that may appeal to many players.

Argus - Season 8 Error 404 Blueprint

The Argus shotgun, introduced in Season 8, comes with the rather plain Season 8 Error 404 blueprint. It may not be the most exciting skin in the Battle Pass.

Additional Rewards

Apart from character and weapon skins, the Season 8 Battle Pass offers several other rewards:

  • Epic Wraith BioMech Operator Skin: Included with the Battle Pass subscription.

  • Epic Frame, Avatar, and Calling Card: These cosmetics add flair to your profile.

  • Sickle Melee Skin: A new epic melee skin awaits Battle Pass subscribers.

  • Parachute Skin: Enhance your air drop with the new epic parachute.

  • Default Argus: Available at Tier 21, this is the base version of the new functional weapon.

In summary, Season 8 of COD: Mobile brings a diverse range of Battle Pass rewards to the table. While some players may find certain character and weapon skins more appealing than others, the overall package offers something for everyone. Whether you're a fan of character customization, weapon aesthetics, or profile embellishments, the Season 8 Battle Pass has something to cater to your tastes.

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