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COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile: New Map, Weapons, & Everything Else coming with Season 8 Update

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Call of Duty Mobile's "Error 404" brings Kirohana Metropolis, Super Slide mode, and more.
Season 8 introduces Cruel Knight, Psy skin, and more futuristic rewards.
Epic operator skins, weapon blueprints, and exclusive rewards await in Season 8.

The excitement in the Call of Duty Mobile community is palpable as rumors, leaks, and confirmed information about the upcoming Season 8, titled "Error 404," start to circulate. In this article, we'll dive into all the noteworthy details that have surfaced about what's in store for players in the highly anticipated new season.

COD: Mobile Season 8 Release Date?

As players eagerly anticipate the launch of Season 8, Call of Duty has been dropping hints and information to keep the community engaged. The official Call of Duty Mobile account recently unveiled the Season 8 trailer, setting the stage for the release date – September 6th at 05:00 P.M. Pacific Time. The theme of this season, dubbed "Error 404," has intrigued players, and the excitement is reaching fever pitch.

New Multiplayer Maps: Kirohana Metropolis and Coastal Updates

One of the highlights of Season 8 is the introduction of an exclusive multiplayer map – Kirohana Metropolis. This bustling Sci-Fi metropolis promises intense gameplay with tight corners and interiors, perfect for close-quarters combat enthusiasts. But that's not all; the coastal multiplayer map is getting a facelift. The middle road and basement areas have been narrowed to enhance the gameplay flow, resulting in a faster and more dynamic experience.

COD: Mobile New Map Kirohana Metropolis

COD: Mobile

Fresh Multiplayer Modes: Headquarters and Super Slide

Two exciting multiplayer modes are making their debut in Season 8. The "Headquarters" mode, previously available only in private matches, will now challenge teams to capture and control the HQ as it becomes active on the map. The defending team's spawn will be disabled while they hold the HQ, leading to strategic battles for control.

For those who enjoy fast-paced action, the "Super Slide" mode offers an extended slide duration for all operators, adding a new layer of mobility and tactics to matches. This mode has already been tested in the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile and is set to bring a fresh spin to the game.

New Weapons on the Horizon

Season 8 introduces two intriguing weapons to the arsenal. The "Argus" shotgun from Black Ops Three boasts the longest effective range in its class, demanding precise accuracy for one-shot kills. On the other hand, the "Psy" melee weapon, inspired by Japanese Ninjutsu, offers quick and versatile attacks. It's a deadly addition, capable of eliminating foes with just a couple of hits.

Argus in COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile

Phantom Conquest: A Featured Event

Prepare for the "Phantom Conquest" event, where collecting Phantom tokens from multiplayer and battle royale matches will be the key to success. These tokens will pave the way to valuable rewards, including the epic "Bloody Fortune" character and the mesmerizing "Geisha's Gaze" skin for the KN 44 assault rifle.

Seasonal Challenges and Rewards

In Season 8, players can look forward to engaging seasonal challenges that yield operator skills, weapon blueprints, and Battle Pass XP. Notably, a new challenge allows players to unlock the default version of the "PSI" melee weapon. Moreover, mini-events and monthly login rewards will keep the excitement alive throughout the season.

Lucky Draws and Legendary Characters

Lucky draws are a staple in Call of Duty Mobile, and Season 8 delivers once again. The legendary character "Cruel Knight" enters the fray, equipped with cybernetic enhancements and advanced weaponry. Players will have the chance to unlock this character, along with the legendary "Psy" weapon skin and other high-tech gear.

Season 8 Error 404 Battle Pass

The Season 8 Battle Pass is a treasure trove of content. Expect new epic operator skins, weapon blueprints, and character skins, including the captivating "Sims Martial Arts" skin and the enigmatic "Iron Mask" operator. Epic weapon blueprints like the "Strom Search," "Ignited Rage," "Indomitable," "Midas Claw," and "Death Branch" promise to enhance your loadout.

Season 8 Error 404 Battle Pass


In the BP subscription, the "Wraith BioMech" operator skin, a stunning "Amethyst" skin for the "Lapicol Dragon," and a sleek new backpack await players. The "Heist" Battle Pass from Season 1 will also make a return to the Battle Pass vault, giving players another chance to snag those elusive rewards.

As Season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile approaches, the anticipation is electric. With new maps, modes, weapons, and an abundance of rewards, players are in for an exhilarating experience. Strap in and gear up for the ultimate gaming journey that Error 404 promises to be.

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