COD Mobile Season 7 Release Date, New Maps, Weapons, Rewards, Operator, More


COD Mobile Season 7: Release Date, New Maps, Weapons, Rewards, Operators, More

Here is everything about the upcoming COD Mobile Season 7: Elite Of The Elite.

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The COD Mobile - Season 7 Elite Of The Elite is all set to release on 25th August at 17:00 PT (26th August, 05:30 AM IST).
It will be offering a lot of new content to the players like new maps, weapons, operators, collaborations, events, rewards, and a lot more.
Key highlights include a collaboration with Ozuna, new maps - monastery and scrapyard 2019, new weapons - crossbow and hades, special event, more.

The Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile called 'Elite Of The Elite' has been announced by Activision, bringing with it lots of quality content as is the case with every new battle pass. A lot of the things that will be released along with Season 7 have already been announced while a few more will be launched after the battle pass goes live. The last season of the COD Mobile battle pass 'Season 6 - The Heat' delivered an exciting new Zombie game mode that the community thoroughly enjoyed, along with a lot of other content.

This time once again the developers have bundled together new maps, weapon, operator, rewards, and much more. So, let's take a quick look at what can we expect from 'Season 7 - Elite Of The Elite'.

COD Mobile Season 7 - Elite Of The Elite: Battle Pass Details

The seventh season of Call of Duty: Mobile is almost here with the developers having teased quite a bit of content that will be released along with it. Here is what we know so far about the upcoming 'Elite Of The Elite'.

CODM Season 7 - Launch Date

The developers have confirmed that COD Mobile Season 7 - Elite Of The Elite will be releasing on 25th August at 17:00 PT (26th August, 05:30 AM IST).

New Maps

Two new multiplayer maps will be released for COD Mobile along with Season 7 - Elite Of The Elite, Monastery and Scrapyard 2019. Both the maps have already been teased by the developer as they have already given us a first look of the maps.

  • Monastery

    Here the players will be facing off in a peaceful Monastery, dodging between closely stacked buildings and twisting walkways. This map will be available in Frontline and Team Deathmatch game modes.

  • Scrapyard 2019

    The classic map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been redesigned for COD Mobile and will be deployed along with Season 7. Players will be deployed to an aircraft boneyard with scattered parts and storage sheds.

New Weapons

Weapons like Crossbow and Hades will be released along with this season of COD Mobile. While Crossbow will be same as what the name suggests, Hades will be a Light Machine Gun (LMG), both of which are weapons from Call of Duty: Black Ops reintroduced to the mobile battle royale.

CODM Season 7 Elite Of The Elite - Crossbow and Hades

New Collaboration: COD Mobile x Ozuna

COD Mobile will also be collaborating with award-winning artist Ozuna to bring in some new content with Season-7.

  • New Song - A La Buena, El Mejor.

  • Merc 5 - Bear-themed Ozuna Operator Skin.

  • New Game Mode - Ozuna: Kill Confirmed.

  • Calling Card - Osito En Vivo.

  • Caramelo Camo Series

Special Themed Event

A special 'Cyber Attack Themed Event' is being launched along with Season 7. It will be released on 3rd September, a few days after the battle pass actually releases.

In this event you will be assigned a personal soldier, you have to send him out on missions every six hours to bring back certain rewards like Zero - Dark Ops, SKS - Technic Turret Weapon Blueprints, an Epic Charm, and more.

This soldier will grow in strength as you earn more experience via Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches, giving your soldier a chance of returning with better items.

CODM Season 7 Elite Of The Elite - Special Event

Battle Pass Rewards

The Season 7 battle pass will contain both free and premium rewards for users. Here are the rewards depending on the different types of battle pass,

Free Tiers

  • Kinetic Armor Operator Skill - Tier 14

  • Hades LMG - Tier 21

  • Razorback - Blue Scratch (Weapon Blueprint)

  • AS VAL - Wolves

Premium Pass

  • Demir Operator

  • Griggs - Sarge

  • Charly - Huntress

  • Mil-Sim - Balkan Special ATU

  • Hades – Shoulder Cannon (Weapon Blueprint)

  • QXR — Prototype Omega

  • Rytec AMR - Revati

  • M4 — Outcast Vengeance

More rewards can be gained by users through the new Battle Royale Draw, which consists of the following cosmetics,

  • Legendary Helicopter - Direct Fire Support Vehicle Skin

  • Variety of Epic Battle Royale skins from the Hexoglyph series

  • Operator Blackjack

More information about what other cosmetics does 'Season 7 Elite Of The Elite' packs will be revealed once the battle pass is released tomorrow.

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