COD Mobile Season 6 Leaks: New Mythic Content, Maps and Exciting Anniversary Surprises!

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD: Mobile Season 6 Leaks: New Mythic Content, Maps and Exciting Anniversary Surprises!</p></div>

COD: Mobile Season 6 Leaks: New Mythic Content, Maps and Exciting Anniversary Surprises!


COD: Mobile Season 6 Leaks:

Season 6 introduces exciting lucky draws, including the Mythic Templar character and legendary weapon skins.
Get ready for the fourth anniversary celebration with a major event and a new multiplayer map.
The following Season 7 will bring a new multiplayer map, Seaside, from Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) players, get ready for an action-packed season as we dive into some exciting leaks for the upcoming Season 6 and a glimpse into what's in store for the fourth anniversary of the game. In a recently released video by the developers, they unveiled a plethora of new content and surprises that will surely keep players hooked for months to come.

Season 7 New Multiplayer Map: Seaside from Black Ops 4

One of the major highlights of Season 7 will be the addition of a new multiplayer map called Seaside, taken from the popular Black Ops Four. Set in a Spanish city after an antigovernment protest, Seaside offers a medium-sized, fast-paced gameplay experience. The map features a central lane sloping from west to east, taking players past a water fountain and a destroyed church. Narrow paths on either side lead through wine cellars, coffee shops, and delis. Tanks and monuments scattered across the map provide excellent cover, while a towering structure oversees the middle courtyard. Get ready to explore this picturesque coastal town and engage in intense combat.

Lucky Draws in COD Mobile Season 6: Mythic Templar and More!

Season 6 will introduce two exciting lucky draws, and players will have the chance to unlock some incredible character skins and weapon blueprints. The Revenger lucky draw will make a return, giving players an opportunity to acquire the legendary Sophia Errant Knight character. Additionally, a Mythic weapon skin, the Hemp 13 MorningStar, will also be available, accompanied by the Ghost Israel character.

Summer Sales in Season 7: Discounts Galore!

As we transition to Season 7 in August, Call of Duty Mobile will bring forth summer sales, offering discounts on crates, lucky draws, and lucky boxes. It's the perfect time to grab your favorite items at reduced prices and expand your collection.

Teasers from the Chinese Version: New Character Skins and Weapon Blueprints

The Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile recently released teasers for Season 6, unveiling some exciting character skins and weapon blueprints. Players can look forward to the Fiona character skin in a flaming uniform, which will be released alongside the legendary Burned Soul skin for the new graph556 weapon. Another lucky draw will feature the Silic character skin and the first legendary skin for the XPR 50 called Broken Will. Additionally, the Legacy draw will include the Salah operator from Black Ops Cold War, paired with the Death Cyan uniform. Lastly, a new epic Crash Hospital character skin will be released in another lucky draw, accompanied by the legendary Kilo 141 Legion spear weapon blueprint.

Legendary PP 19 Bison skin with the Mythic Templar Lucky Draw

One of the most highly anticipated draws in Call of Duty Mobile history is the upcoming Mythic Templar lucky draw. The trailer for Season 6 unveiled the new PP 19 Bison skin, which will be available in this draw along with the Mythic Templar character. With a reactive yellow design, the legendary PP 19 Bison skin is sure to captivate players' attention.

Looking ahead to the fourth anniversary of Call of Duty Mobile in October, players can expect a grand celebration with incredible rewards. The developers have hinted at a major event that will undoubtedly leave players thrilled. Additionally, a new original multiplayer map is set to be introduced during the anniversary. While the Vision City battle royale location was showcased in the background, we can only speculate if it will become a new map for the anniversary festivities.

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