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COD Mobile Season 5 Full Patch Notes and Updates

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COD Mobile Season 5 is expected to offer players a ton of underwater-themed content.
he upcoming season will bring in a brand new Battle Pass with a ton of new characters, functional weapons, cosmetics, perks, and more.
New Legendary Character with a dog companion will also be released.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 will take players underwater for the first time during the upcoming season titled "In Deep Water." Upon release on May 28, 2021, the COD Mobile Season 5 is expected to offer players a ton of underwater-themed content. The upcoming season will bring in a brand new Battle Pass with a ton of new characters, functional weapons, cosmetics, perks, and more. Several new challenges and events will also be added to the game for COD Mobile Season 5. More details on what players can expect in the upcoming COD Mobile Season 5 can be found below.

COD Mobile Season 5 New Content

In the upcoming COD Mobile Season 5, players will dive into the depths of the ocean with a theme titled "In Deep Water." The season is set to begin on June 28, 2021, at 5 PM PDT. Players are advised to complete their unfinished seasonal challenges before the new season begins.

When Season 4 ends, a small patch update will need to be downloaded before players can enter the game. Make sure you have enough space to avoid problems.

New Battle Pass

There will be a lot of underwater-themed content in the new battle pass. The new content includes four epic-tier characters, weapon blueprints, and cosmetics, among other things. It is free to download the regular version, as it was in the past battle pass. However, the premium version must be purchased using COD Points.

COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass


Free Battle Pass

Among the free content is the K9 Unit Operator Skill, which can be unlocked at Tier 14. A new functional weapon is also up for grabs with CR-56 AMAX at Tier 21. Other free Tier items include the Kilo Bolt-Action - Warship, the Combat Axe - Lighthouse, and a lot more.

Premium Battle Pass

The premium version includes exclusive content, such as Merrick and Rorke "Man Hunter" from Call of Duty: Ghosts, as well as Otter "Backstroke" and Roze "Foreshadow". Additionally, weapons blueprints can be acquired for the BK57 - Counter Stealth Unit, the QXR "Close Catch", the DR-H "Rebreather", and the PP19 Bizon "Devilfish."

New Multiplayer Maps

Three new multiplayer maps will be added in COD Mobile Season 5.

Suldal Harbor

A medium-sized map surrounded by shipping crates, narrow alleyways, and cramped interiors. This map supports 5v5 and 10v10 matches.


A map based on the River Thames. This symmetrical small-sized map is built for close-quarters combat with plenty of vertical pathways for Gunfight Mode.

Aniyah Incursion

Bombed-out ruins surrounded military supplies and housing. This map is built for 10v10 matches, the new Ground Mission Mode, and the Attack of the Undead.

Cranked: Confirmed

This new game mode is a combination of Cranked and Kill Confirmed. Activate your “cranked” state for a combat boost and keep the timer from running out by getting eliminations or collecting dog tags.

Ground Mission

This new game mode brings Domination to the big stage with five capture points and 10v10 play.

New Perks and BR Class

Gung-Ho Perk

This green perk will allow players to hip-fire, throw grenades, and reload while sprinting. Perfect for players who enjoy running around guns blazing.

Time Traveler/Rewind Class

This new Battle Royale Class allows players to glitch back in time, teleporting them back to their previous position, while also boasting high resistance to explosives.

New Event: Sea of Steel

This new event will task players into choosing their faction between Ghosts or the Federation. Players will fight as one in a race to capture territories and earn rewards. The faction with the most captured territories at the end of the event wins.

New Legendary Character

A new Legendary Character has been teased by Activision featuring a dog companion. According to data miners, the new character is called Ghost - Dog Man which was featured in the official Call of Duty comic series.

Ghost with his dog companion.


The story continues as Simon "Ghost" Riley, one of the most iconic characters in COD Mobile, has returned from the dead after dying in the hands of Templar during Season 12: Winter War.

Players will definitely be busy with all the new content coming for COD Mobile Season 5. More details regarding the upcoming events for the next season will be revealed at a later date. Stay tuned for more updates.

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