COD Mobile Season 3 Lucky Draw Items and Release Date Revealed With Gameplay


COD Mobile Season 3 Lucky Draw Items and Release Date Revealed With Gameplay

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New lucky draws like Shutterbug, New Order, and Lone Shot are coming with legendary blueprints.
Mythic Bright Gold and Chaos & Order draws returning with mythic weapons, epic characters.
Season 3 is ending on 17th April which will be followed by Season 4 starting on the same day a few hours later.

COD Mobile is loaded for an exciting Season 3, with a host of new events, lucky draws, and free rewards for players. The season, titled 'Vintage Vigilance' is set to end on 17th April, Wednesday and the new Season 4 will commence a few hours later on the same day.

Call of Duty Mobile is introducing several new lucky draws and events in the coming days and weeks. While most draws are new and season 3 exclusive, some old mythic draws are returning as well.

Here's a breakdown of what's in store.

COD Mobile Season 3 Lucky Draws Content and Release Dates

1. Shutterbug Draw (16th March)

  • Legendary Tech 9 Film Noir blueprint

  • Epic Sila Hidden Observer operator skin

  • Legendary Hidden Observer calling card

  • Legendary Feisty Flapper spray

  • Epic ATV Closing Shot skin

  • Epic Jetpack and Closing Shot design

  • Epic Closing Shot Trip Mine skin

  • Epic FHJ Closing Shot skin

  • Epic KN44 Closing Shot blueprint

  • Epic Photo Play emote

Shutterbug Draw in CODM

Shutterbug Draw

2. New Order Draw (19th March)

  • Legendary HVK-30 — New Reign

  • Epic Kil Gore Dissident character skin

  • New epic MX9 blueprint

  • New vehicle skin

  • New epic MW11 blueprint

  • New epic emote

Legendary HVK-30 — New Reign in CODM

Legendary HVK-30 — New Reign

3. Lone Shot Lucky Draw (22nd March)

  • Legendary Dame Break of Dawn operator skin

  • Legendary Shak Cari blueprint

  • Legendary blueprint for the Kilo bolt-action in the Scarlet Shot design

  • Legendary Lonely Shadow Hunter calling card

  • Epic Deadly Valentine emote

4. KO Draw (26th March)

  • Legendary ICR-1 Knockout blueprint

  • Epic Alias operator in her boxing champ uniform

  • Epic 100% emote

  • Epic Prize Fighter skin in the Final Round design

KO Draw in COD: Mobile

KO Draw

5. Bright Gold Mythic Drop (29th March)

  • Mythic blueprint for the FFAR1 called Bright Blade

  • Epic Kui Faded Shadow character skin

  • Legendary Solitude calling card

  • Legendary Bright Gold charm

  • Epic wingsuit

  • Epic HBRa3 blueprint

  • Legendary Contact Grenade

  • Epic Shorty blueprint

  • Epic Sword in the Bright Blade design

  • Epic Demon Style emote

6. Top Sleuth Lucky Draw (5th April)

  • Legendary blueprint for the ZRG in the Coffee Craze design

  • Epic Cartery character in The Enforcement uniform

  • Epic Witness Testimony emote

Legendary  ZRG - Coffee Craze in COD: Mobile

Legendary ZRG - Coffee Craze

7. Chaos and Order Mythic Drop (9th April)

  • Mythic blueprint for the Odin called Divine Smite

  • Epic Profit character skin

  • Eight other rewards

Mythic FFAR-1 and Mythic Odin in CODM

Mythic FFAR-1 and Mythic Odin

8. Gold Digger Draw

  • LK24 — The Vault

  • Demir — Imminent

Legendary LK24 — The Vault in COD: Mobile

Legendary LK24 — The Vault

Players eagerly anticipate the return of of these lucky draws and events, each offering unique rewards and items to enhance their gaming experience in Call of Duty Mobile.

While lucky draws can be an expensive endeavor, exciting freebies and chance to earn free COD Points are also coming this season. Stay tuned with us as we bring more details on these.

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