COD: Mobile Season 3 (2024) Playlist: All New Modes & Schedule Revealed


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COD: Mobile Season 3 (2024) Playlist: All New Modes & Schedule Revealed

Ahsan Kabir
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New map Cheshire Park and themed playlist arriving 21st March.
Fan favorites like Prop Hunt, Shipment 24/7 make comebacks.
Innovative modes like Nowhere To Hide, Chaos Control unveiled.

Activision has pulled back the curtain on the multiplayer experiences awaiting players in the upcoming third season of Call of Duty: Mobile, aptly titled "Vintage Vigilance." With a launch date of 13th March 2024, the new season promises a diverse array of playlists, ranging from the familiar to the fresh and innovative.

Glimpse of What's new in Season 3 (2024)

At the heart of Season 3's offerings lies Cheshire Park, a brand-new multiplayer map that will be accompanied by its own dedicated playlist, set to debut on 21st March. This map, along with its themed gameplay mode, is sure to capture the attention of players seeking novel experiences within the game's ever-expanding universe.

However, Cheshire Park is merely the tip of the iceberg. Season 3 will also see the return of fan-favorite playlists such as Easter Prop Hunt, Ground War: Breach, Shipment 24/7, and Attack of the Undead, ensuring that veterans of the game have ample opportunities to revisit cherished modes.

List Of COD: Mobile Season 3 MP Playlists


Full List Of COD: Mobile Season 3 MP Playlists (Vintage Vigilance 2024 Update)

  • Patrol – Available from 13th March to 16th April

  • Payout – Search & Destroy – Available from 14th to 20th March

  • Safeguard – Available from 18th to 24th March

  • Chaos Control – Available from 18th to 24th March

  • 10v10 Shipment – Available from 21st March to 3rd April

  • Cheshire Park (Playlist) – Available from 21st March to 27th April

  • Slide Boost – Available from 25th to 31st March

  • Easter Prop Hunt – Available from 25th to 31st March

  • Nowhere To Hide – Available from 28th March to 3rd April

  • Ground War: Breach – Available from 28th March to 17th April

  • Big Head Blizzard – Available from 1st to 7th April

  • Surprise Skill – Available from 1st to 7th April

  • Attack of the Undead – Available from 4th to 10th April

  • Sniper Only – Available from 4th to 10th April

  • Search & Rescue – Available from 8th to 14th April

  • Enhanced Warrior – Available from 8th to 14th April

  • Shipment 24/7 – Available from 11th to 17th April

  • Gun Game Mosh Pit – Available from 11th to 17th April

  • Get Some Air – Available from 15th to 21st April

  • Super Attack of the Undead – Available from 15th to 21st April

In addition to these returning favorites, Activision has curated a selection of inventive new playlists that promise to keep the experience fresh and engaging. Modes like Nowhere To Hide, Surprise Skill, Get Some Air, and Chaos Control are poised to challenge players' skills and strategies, offering a unique twist on the traditional multiplayer formula.

The developers have meticulously crafted a release schedule that will see these playlists cycled in and out throughout the duration of Season 3, ensuring a constant stream of new content for players to sink their teeth into. From March 13th to April 21st, players can expect a veritable smorgasbord of multiplayer experiences, each with their own distinct flavor and challenge.

As the "Vintage Vigilance" theme suggests, Season 3 promises to blend the nostalgic allure of classic gameplay with the cutting-edge innovation that Call of Duty: Mobile has become renowned for. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the franchise, the upcoming season is poised to offer something for everyone, solidifying Call of Duty: Mobile's position as a premier destination for multiplayer mayhem.

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