COD: Mobile Season 2 (2024) Update APK & Official Download Links Are Here


COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile Season 2 (2024) Update APK & Official Download Links Are Here

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Call of Duty: Mobile enthusiasts are eagerly gearing up for Season 2 - Lunar Dragon. In this article, we will explore the latest leaks and speculations surrounding the upcoming season, along with the official and apk download links to update your game to the latest version. While some of these leaks are officially confirmed for the next season, they are expected to make a significant impact on the gameplay experience in the near future.

COD: Mobile Season 2 (2024) Update Download Link

With the update now available, players have two main options for downloading: third-party APK links and official links provided by the respective app stores.

COD: Mobile Season 2 (2024) Leaks

Possible Launch Date:

As players anxiously await Season 2, speculation regarding the release date is at its peak. While there has been no official confirmation, clues from the in-game monthly login calendar and the current rank series suggest that Season 1 might conclude on February 7th, 2024. If this holds true, Season 2 could potentially kick off on February 8th, ushering in a fresh wave of excitement for players globally.

Season 2 Major Updates and New Features:

The conclusion of the current season has players hopeful for a substantial in-game update, featuring new maps, modes, and features. Leaks from Elite game leakers hint at a potential game-changer—a new multiplayer mode named Mobility Battle, drawing inspiration from Black Ops 3, enabling players to traverse walls. Additionally, data miners suggest the introduction of a new Battle Royale class called Jet Boost, although details remain limited. The promise of a revamped lobby UI adds further anticipation for a substantial update in Season 2.

Armory Series and Lunar New Year Theme:

Rumors and leaks suggest the arrival of a new Armory Series, possibly centered around the Chinese Lunar New Year theme. Edited images have circulated, depicting possible legendary skins like the Zodiac Beast and Dragon Dance, although nothing has been officially confirmed by developers. Players are left to wonder if the next season will feature these festive touches, bringing a unique flair to the game.

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