COD: Mobile Season 1 Leaks Reveal New Theme, Characters, Draws & More



COD: Mobile Season 1 Leaks Reveal New Theme, Characters, Draws & More

Ahsan Kabir
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Five new lucky draws leaked, featuring stylish weapon and character skins.
Potential for Lunar New Year-themed armor series with beast-inspired weapon blueprints.

With Call of Duty Mobile's current Season 11 winding down, leaks have emerged revealing what players can expect in the upcoming Season 1 2024 update. Centered around the theme of the Chinese New Year and Year of the Dragon with a dark twist, the new season looks to deliver stylish new looks for weapons and characters along with quality of life changes.

New Lucky Draws for COD: Mobile Season 1

Five upcoming lucky draws for Season 1 2024 were leaked, featuring a variety of epic weapon blueprints, characters, vehicles, and other cosmetics:

  • Moonlight draw: Legendary AS VAL, new character, tank vehicle skin, and other items

  • Mortal draw: Second legendary M4LMG blueprint, new character, ORV vehicle skin, and other goodies

  • Crimson draw: Legendary LW3 Tundra sniper rifle, new character, effects, and more

  • Glosser draw: Legendary PDW-57 SMG, new character, muscle car skin, etc.

  • Plagues draw: Legendary axe, new character, thermite grenade skin, tank skin, and other cosmetics

No New Mythic Draw

Surprisingly, despite many epic draws, no new Mythic weapon blueprint or draw was leaked for the new season. This, sort of, breaks the trend of new Mythics releasing each season.

Potential Armory Series

An armory series themed around the Chinese Lunar New Year could also release in Season 1 2024. While unconfirmed, it may include Arctic 50 and M13 weapon blueprints fitting the zodiac beast styles.

There is a slight chance of the Mythic DL Q33 Holiday Draw returning in the new season, though this is currently unconfirmed. Players will have to wait and see if any past Mythic or Legendary draws get reruns.

That covers all the major leaks around Call of Duty Mobile's Season 1 2024 update so far. With new lucky draws, weapon blueprints, and characters on the horizon, it looks to deliver stylish new cosmetics to match the Chinese New Year theme. Stay tuned for more official updates as the new season nears its release.

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