COD: Mobile 2023 Recap: Take a Look at the Best Additions in the Game Through the Year


COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile 2023 Recap: Take a Look at the Best Additions in the Game Through the Year

Ahsan Kabir
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Call of Duty: Mobile had a jam-packed 2023, rolling out updates that introduced new weapons, maps, modes, quality of life improvements, skins, and more. The popular first-person shooter game saw some of its biggest changes yet over the last year to keep players engaged and coming back for more. From long-awaited mythic drops to seasonal events and celebrations, there was always something new happening in CODM. This article will break down the biggest additions to Call of Duty: Mobile in 2023 across areas like gameplay content, progression systems, monetization, and special events.

COD: Mobile 2023 Recap

  • New Maps: They also added several new maps like Firing Range (remastered), Seaside, Rush, Arsenal, Kurhana Metropolis, Memnos Island, and Miami Blitz.

  • New Modes: New inclusions included Goliath Clash, Groundwar Breach, Safeguard, and Patrol. The Custer Grenade was also added as a new lethal equipment.

New Scorestreaks, Perks, and Classes

  • Guardian, Wheelson, and AC-130 Gunship were added as new scorestreaks.

  • New perks included Firepower Support, Unit Support, Militant, Dauntless, and Survival Training.

  • New battle royale classes were the Ravager Launcher, Shockwave, Kinetic Station, and Misdirection.

New Weapon across all Categories

  • In 2023, many new weapons were added across categories like the Maddox, FFAR-1, HDR, OTS-9, Dingo, Bruen MK9, Striker 45, CX-9, Argus and Groza.

  • New pistols included the Renetti and the nail gun.

  • New melee weapons added were the Sai and Ballistic Knife.

Gameplay Improvements and Quality of Life Changes

  • Sync ADS FOV: A new "Sync ADS FOV" setting was introduced to help players using large screens or emulators.

  • 3D get-hit arrow: A new 3D get-hit arrow was also added.

  • The stim shot from Warzone was implemented,

  • Players can now select icons earned from completionist camos to showcase in their profile.

  • Mythic weapon forms can also be chosen instead of being stuck with only the final form.

New Rewards and Free Skins

  • A new character called Saina Thand was added as a reward for not logging in for 14 days.

  • Construct Rewards allow players to rebuild past ranked series rewards they missed out on.

  • A legendary HS0405 skin was added along with Legendary Nyx.

  • New free skins included Ghost Anno Dominate

  • The Free DR-H Kurohana 68 legendary.

Special Events and Updates

  • The Undead Siege mode returned after a long absence. New Aether Crystal camos were also grindable through the mode.

  • Finishing moves were implemented allowing mythic weapons to have unique finishers.

  • Anniversary and holiday events let players vote on returning draws and lucky draws were discounted by 50%.

New Mythics, Camos, and Draws

  • The Mythic Templar character and Mythic Switchblade X9 weapon were introduced.

  • Prestige Series: Call of Duty: Mobile added 6 new legendary prestige weapons: MX9, AGR556, Arctic-50, Swordfish, SKS, and HG 40

  • New premium draws featured tournament camos like Golden Emerald and Pixelated Aggression.

  • Collaborations included basketball player Kevin Durant and Girls Frontline.

  • The first legacy blueprint, Type 25 - Phoenix Inferno, was also released.

Whether nostalgically revisiting classic Call of Duty experiences or dropping into battle royale with new strategy and flair, 2023 gave fans plenty to be excited about. Leaks for the season 1 of 2024 is already pouring in. Keep an eye out at our COD: Mobile section for the latest updates.

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