COD Mobile Resolves Issue and Returns to Apple App Store

The mobile title has returned to all the iOS users.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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COD Mobile Returns To The Apple App Store


COD Mobile has returned to the Apple App Store after having resolved the issue that affected iOS users.
COD Mobile had mysteriously disappeared from the Apple App Store across the world yesterday (10th Jan) for quite some time.

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile has returned to the Apple App Store within 24 hours of the game mysteriously having disappeared for all iOS users worldwide. A few hours after the incident, a statement was released by the developers informing users that they were aware of the issue and actively working towards fixing it.

A couple of hours later, COD Mobile posted another update stating that the issue had been resolved and the mobile game was once again available for downloading or updating to all the iOS users.

COD Mobile returns to the Apple App Store after mysterious disappearance

A wave of panic had crept through the mobile gaming community across the globe following COD Mobile's disappearance from the Apple App Store. The game was still available for Android users via the Google Play Store but could not be downloaded or updated by anyone with an iOS device.

No results were showing up in the Apple App Store when 'COD Mobile' or 'Call of Duty Mobile' was being searched and even via Google the webpage was simply stuck on 'Connecting'.

At that point in time, popular Twitter page 'Call of Duty: Mobile Leaks & News' had stated that the game's unavailability could simply be just an error and nothing more.

Well, as it turns out, the page was right. Within a few hours, developers had responded with a message that the issue would be resolved and an update would soon be provided. A couple hours later, the issue was actually resolved and the game returned back to the Apple App Store.

COD Mobile returns to the Apple App Store

COD Mobile

While COD Mobile suffered this brief outage, the upcoming Call of Duty title for mobile devices which will release sometime in 2023 - COD Warzone Mobile, remained unaffected.

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