COD: Mobile Launches 10 Million CP Giveaway: Here's Your Shot at Winning


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COD: Mobile Launches 10 Million CP Giveaway: Here's Your Shot at Winning

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COD: Mobile's Exclusive Giveaway: Win free CP by counting beach balls in the Summer Sale trailer.
10 Million CP Rewards: Top 10,000 players get 1000 CP. Participate from August 9 to 20.
Game On for Rewards: Dive into the challenge, spot beach balls, and win in-game currency!

Call of Duty Mobile players, get ready for a shot at some exciting rewards. With the recent release of Season Seven Heat Wave, the spotlight is now on a surprise giveaway. This opportunity gives players the chance to score free COD Points (CP). Here's the lowdown on this event and how you can participate.

Developers of Call of Duty Mobile have rolled out an enticing giveaway. Revealed recently, this giveaway is all about winning free COD Points. The procedure is straightforward:

Giveaway Timeline and Prizes

Starting from August 9 and concluding on August 20, players have a window to participate. The first 10,000 players to jump in stand a chance to win 1000 free COD Points, a notable in-game currency.

How to Participate Follow these steps to enter:

1. Access the Form: Click on this link for accessing the official doc file first.

2. The Task: The challenge involves counting the beach balls featured in the new Summer Sale trailer. These beach balls are scattered throughout the trailer.

3. Locate the Trailer: Find the Summer Sale trailer on Call of Duty Mobile's official YouTube channel. The trailer is also featured below.

4. Submit Your Count: Return to the form and input the number of beach balls you've counted.

5. Complete the Entry: Along with your count, provide your email, COD Mobile ID, and player name.

The Challenge The task of spotting all the beach balls adds an element of adventure. Some are easy to spot, while others might require more effort.

COD: Mobile 1 million CP Giveaway Challenge


Reward Distribution After submitting your entry, winners will be announced by Cod Mobile. The promised 1000 CP will be sent via direct message to the in-game Cod Mobile inbox within two weeks of the giveaway's end.

Stay Informed and Participate Cod Mobile will notify potential winners through in-game direct messages. In summary, Call of Duty Mobile's surprise giveaway is a chance for players to win free CP during the Summer Sale period. Ensure you participate within the timeframe, count the beach balls diligently, and accurately fill out the form. Take on the challenge and you might just be one of the lucky winners!

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