The Heavy Hitters: How to Optimize Your LMG Choice in COD: Mobile

Ahsan Kabir
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Heavy Hitters: How to Optimize Your LMG Choice in COD: Mobile</p></div>
The Heavy Hitters: How to Optimize Your LMG Choice in COD: Mobile


COD: Mobile

Decoding the Power of Heavy Firepower in COD: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has received updates with new content and changes, but some weapons remain overlooked in the midst of all the excitement. In this article, we will focus on Light Machine Guns (LMGs), powerful and often underappreciated weapons. We will explore four LMGs that don't receive enough attention, highlighting their unique attributes and optimal setups. So, let's dive into the world of LMGs and uncover their hidden potential.

1. The Chopper: A Mobile Turret

The Chopper is an LMG that may be familiar to many players, having once featured in Top Ten lists. Although it got displaced by other weapons, it remains a reliable choice for those who prefer mobility without sacrificing firepower. The Chopper operates as a more mobile version of the Holger, allowing players to act like a moving turret.

1.1 Rapid and Deadly

With its rapid rate of fire and considerable damage output, the Chopper can swiftly eliminate enemies in close to medium-range encounters. Interestingly, aiming down sights is not necessary, as the weapon excels in hip-firing accuracy. This feature makes it ideal for close-quarters combat.

1.2 Effective Range

The Chopper can kill an enemy in four shots up to 23 meters away, taking approximately 240 milliseconds. Beyond that range, it requires five shots to secure a kill, which takes around 320 milliseconds. This performance makes it a formidable choice for players looking for quick kills at medium distances.

1.3 Recommended Setup

  • Muzzle: Monolithic

  • Barrel: Chopper Infantry

  • Underbarrel: Heavy Handle

  • Laser: OWC Laser Tactical

  • Perk: Disable

Chopper loadout

Chopper loadout by Kith

2. The Hades

While the Hades may not be considered one of the best LMGs, it is still a weapon worthy of respect. Similar to the Chopper, players should avoid attachments that hinder their ability to aim down sights as it compromises the weapon's already modest accuracy.

2.1 Barrel Choices

Players have two options when it comes to barrel selection: the Rapid Fire Barrel or the Long Range Barrel. The Rapid Fire Barrel allows players to eliminate opponents in four shots up to 24 meters away, taking about 243 milliseconds. After that, it becomes a five-shot kill, comparable to the Chopper. However, the Long Range Barrel offers more versatility, providing a four-shot kill up to 38 meters away, taking around 270 milliseconds.

2.2 Optimal Setup

  • Muzzle: Agency Supressor

  • Barrel: Long Range Barrel

  • Stock: Agile Stock

  • Laser: OWC Laser Tactical

  • Perk - Disable

Hades loadout

Hades loadout by Kith

3. UL736: Range Supremacy

Frequently used in competitive play, the UL736 is a powerful LMG even without range-boosting attachments. It can eliminate enemies in four shots up to 45 meters away, taking about 291 milliseconds. With precise aiming, players can achieve three-shot kills within 32 meters by targeting the chest, arms, or head.

3.1 Lethal Versatility

Despite its slow mobility, the UL736 remains a formidable force on the battlefield. Beyond 45 meters, players will require five shots to secure a kill, which takes approximately 388 milliseconds.

3.2 Recommended Configuration

  • Optic: Any preferred sight

  • Muzzle: MIP Light Flash Guard

  • Barrel: RTC Extended Light Barrel

  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip

  • Ammunition: 48 Round Extended Mag

UL736 loadout

UL736 loadout by Kith

4. PKM and RPD with Cooling Compressor Barrel

The PKM and RPD are heavy machine guns that excel when holding positions rather than aggressive maneuvering. The Cooling Compressor Barrel enhances their performance, offering a more viable alternative to the Holger for players seeking a similar experience.

4.1 Balancing Firepower and Mobility

The PKM and RPD are designed for stationary playstyles, which limit their mobility compared to other weapons. However, they compensate for this by providing unlimited ammunition.

4.2 Range and Performance

These LMGs are better suited for engagements at longer distances. However, their mobility limitations make them less effective in medium-range fights.

RPD loadout

RPD loadout by Kith

Although often overlooked, LMGs in Call of Duty Mobile can be formidable assets in the right hands. With proper attachments and mastery of their unique characteristics, these weapons can become highly effective tools in your arsenal. Whether you prefer the mobile turret-like capabilities of the Chopper or the competitive edge of the U Seven Three Six, LMGs offer diverse playstyles for different scenarios. So, why not give them a try and discover their hidden potential on the battlefield?

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