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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Community Update For Season 7 is now live on servers.</p></div>
The Community Update For Season 7 is now live on servers.


The Community Update for Season 7 brings a number of weapon buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes to the game.
It also details the rewards players will receive for tuning into the Stage 4 - Regional Playoffs of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022.

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile Season 7: New Vision City went live on 3rd August and the new season featured a crossover with Netflix series Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045. The community update for Season 7 features updates on a number of buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes. It also includes details for rewards that fans can earn by watching the Stage 4 - Regional Playoffs of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022.

COD Mobile community update for Season 7: New Vision City

Weapon Balancing

The developers put out a hotfix on 12th August balancing some weapons. In addition to the weapon balance changes, the team made adjustments and changes to the Cybernetic Abilities currently available in Battle Royale (BR) through the Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 collaboration.

Switchblade X9 – Buffed

The Switchblade was nerfed after its performance in the Public Test Build which led to the Switchblade not being able to compete properly with mainstream weapons. As a result, it is being buffed to make it a viable SMG choice.

  • Range – Increased

  • Spring-to-Fire Delay – Decreased

  • Arm Damage Multiplier – Increased

  • Extended Mag Capacity - Increased

KSP 45 – Nerfed

Since the KSP has the unique properties of being a burst SMG the developers have adjusted some of its properties and attachments to make it a more balanced weapon to face.

  • ADS (Aim Down Sight) Movement Speed – Reduced

  • Range – Reduced

  • Light Weight Stock ADS Movement Speed – Reduced

  • Taskforce Barrel’s Range – Reduced

  • Head Damage Multiplier – Reduced

  • Chest Damage Multiplier – Reduced

  • Leg Damage Multiplier – Reduced

HVK-30 – Buffed

The previous adjustments the team made didn’t have the full effect that they wanted. This new buff is intended to make the weapon behave more aligned with that expectation of the weapon becoming a mainstream option.

  • Ammo Capacity – Increased

  • Ranged – Increased

  • Large Caliber Mag’s Range - Increased

M4 – Buffed (Multiplayer only)

The M4 has a lot of similarities in stats to the Kilo, but it is significantly weaker in some areas. This buff is intended to make it a more viable AR (Assault Rifle) option. Due to the significance of this buff, it is limited to Multiplayer (MP) only for now.

  • Range – Increased

  • ADS Time – Reduced

Cybernetic Abilities:

Smart Shotgun – Buffed

The developers were concerned that because of the tracking abilities of the Smart Shotgun it would quickly become an overpowered option, so they chose to be conservative with its weapon design. This, unfortunately, led to it feeling underpowered in combat and not all that fun to use competitively. This buff hopes to make the ability more viable in a variety of combat scenarios.

  • Tracking Calculation Time – Reduced

  • Initial Bullet Speed – Increased

    Acceleration – Increased

  • Maximum Speed – Increased

  • Tracking Strength – Increased

Bee Scout – Adjusted

Bee Scout quick adjustment should allow for players to use the ability more often and more effectively.

Duration - Reduced

Virtual Vision – Nerfed

The team felt Virtual Vision was overpowered so the usage of the ability has been adjusted.

Cooldown Time – Increased

New Battle Royale Area – Center Room

Community Update For Season 7 adds a new BR area called the Center Room.&nbsp;

As part of the Toguna’s Survey event, players can help Motoko fend off waves of post-humans coming into the center room. Th Center Room is located in New Vision City. The more enemies that are eliminated the more rewards you will receive.

Seasonal Challenges

Area Control

The third Seasonal Challenge of Season 7 will be launching on 18th August. Players can use this challenge to earn the ASM10 Signature Attachment – Branson. To complete this challenge players will need to eliminate enemies on multiplayer maps, using Assault Rifles, and then the ASM10. Completing this challenge will earn you 14,000 Battle Pass XP as well as the Death’s Grasp sticker, the ASM10 Silver Bamboo variant along with the Branson attachment.

Resolved bugs

  • Invisible Operators – At the beginning of the season the developers noticed a large volume of reports of players getting to the last circle in Battle Royale with no other visible enemies in sight, then dying and getting second place.

  • Login Issues – A couple of days ago there was an issue with players logging into the game, specifically using ATVI as their logins.

  • Vaulting Issues – Near the beginning of the season players reported shooting high into the sky after vaulting over some objects in Battle Royale and Multiplayer.

  • Missing Elements in Battle Royale – since Season 7 we’ve noticed reports of players reporting missing UI in BR including missing Mute/Unmute buttons, Teammates Status, Dog tags, and some others.

Bugs currently being resolved

  • Rewind Class – Reports of players being unable to use the Rewind Class in BR or it not working properly.

  • Stealth Perk – Players have reported that the Stealth Passive perk for the Stealth category classes in BR does not work properly.

  • Reviving Pausing in BR – There have been many reports of this issue because of the sometimes-comical area, the revive process gets paused for players.

  • Glitched Areas in Battle Royale – There have been reports of invisible walls in BR and glitched rooftops in the New Vision City area specifically.

  • Zoom Issues - Using the 3X scope in BR will sometimes cause the weapon to revert to Iron Sights.

  • Tactical Equipment – There have been reports that some tactical equipment is missing the audio for their respective effects.

Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 Rewards

Here are all the rewards players can get for watching Stage 4 of the World Championship.

  • Avatar – Just another D Day (Rare) ~ Watch for 10 mins

  • Backpack – Vinyl Wrapped (Rare) ~ Watch for 30 mins

  • Calling Card – High Speed (Epic) ~ Watch for 45 mins

  • Special Ops 4 - Tread Deep (Rare) ~ Watch for 1 Hour

  • Parachute – Prism (Epic) ~ Watch for 1.5 Hours

  • Kilo 141 – Counter-Cat (Epic) ~ Watch for 2 Hours

One additional note about the rewards, each day you can only get rewards from one of the streams that are being broadcast and your viewership hours will reset each day.

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