COD: Mobile 4th Anniversary: Check List of Free Legendary and Epic Skins


COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile 4th Anniversary: Check List of Free Legendary and Epic Skins

Ahsan Kabir
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Grab the Saigon QQ9 and Thermal Shroud M4 legendary skins for free trials.
Pre-order the MW3 Vault Edition for the unique Priz character and uniform.

In this video, we explore the abundance of freebies awaiting players in Season 10 of COD Mobile. From epic weapon skins to character upgrades, the new season promises a wealth of rewards for players to unlock.

Nail Gun and Seasonal Challenges

Participate in the "Nailed It" seasonal challenge starting November 14th to unlock the new Nail Gun weapon. Collect Season 10 tokens for various rewards in the seasonal store, including the epic "Harden Neon Fire" operator skin.

CX9 Weapon Skin

Players can acquire the epic CX9 weapon skin called "Feathered" for 1,000 lucky board tokens.

CX9 weapon skin in COD: Mobile

CX9 Skin

Themed Event: Anniversary Treasure Hunt

Participate in the Anniversary Treasure Hunt event to unlock the epic Type 25 weapon skin, "Battle Grandeur," and other exciting rewards.

Type - Battle Grandeur in COD: Mobile

Type - Battle Grandeur

Credit Store Update

Look forward to a credit store update in the second week of Season 10, featuring the epic HS 04005 weapon skin called "Balloon Trick" for 20,000 credits.

In-Game Events and Rewards

Explore events like "Spectacular Spin Versus" to unlock special ops character skins and epic blueprints. The Clan War rewards continue, offering opportunities to obtain unique character skins and blueprints.

Special Operator Event

In the "Anniversary Regular Operator Event," receive 500 series points for the Halloween series Amory draw, adding to the festive spirit.

Legendary Skins and Rewards

Unlock legendary skins like "Saigon" for QQ9 and "Thermal Shroud" for M4 through one or two-day trial versions, available for free during the anniversary event.

Exclusive Pre-order Reward

Pre-order the MW3 Vault Edition for over €100 to receive an exclusive character, the "Captain Price" character, and his skirmisher uniform.

Price MW3 Skin

Price MW3 Skin in COD: Mobile

As we embark on Season 10, the array of free skins, items, and COD points adds an exciting dimension to the COD Mobile experience. Share your thoughts on your favorite rewards in the comments below!

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