COD: Mobile Season 10 Patch Update: Check Buffs, Nerfs, Multiplayer Changes & More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD: Mobile Season 10 Patch Update: Check the Buffs &amp; Nerfs for the Season</p></div>
COD: Mobile Season 10 Patch Update: Check the Buffs &amp; Nerfs for the Season


COD: Mobile

DR-H range and reload speed significantly improved.
CX-9 receives major bullet velocity and damage multiplier enhancements.
New season introduces refined weapon recoil and ADS changes across multiple guns

As Call of Duty: Mobile marches into its fourth anniversary, the Season 10 update rolls out, bringing with it a comprehensive suite of balance changes. This milestone season not only commemorates the game's enduring legacy but also enhances the tactical landscape with significant adjustments aimed at refining weapon performance and overall gameplay mechanics. Below, we delve into the details of the weapon modifications and gameplay tweaks for this season

COD: Mobile Season 10 Patch Update: Weapon Balance Changes

DR-H Tweaks

  • Extended Range: MP range improved from 14m-20m-24m to 16m-20m-27m, and BR from 14m-20m-24m to 16m-20m-30m.

  • Enhanced Chest Damage: Multiplier increased from 1x to 1.15x.

  • Faster Reload: Base magazine reload time cut down from 1.33s to 1.16s.

  • 25 OTM Mag Modifications: All penalties have been removed.

CX-9 Modifications

  • Increased Bullet Velocity: From 450m/s to 660m/s.

  • Upgraded Damage: Revised to 24-18-12.5-12.

  • Chest Damage Multiplier: Enhanced from 1.1x to 1.15x.

  • Improved Hip-fire Accuracy: Tightened from 250 (200) to 190 (90).

  • Barrel Adjustments: CX-38, CX-885 barrel now add +25% bullet velocity.

  • Amended Extended Magazines: 30 round mag no longer reduces movement speed, and 50 round mag movement speed penalty reduced from -4% to -2%.

BK57 and Other Weapon Refinements

  • Adjusted BK57 Effective Range: Now at 10m - 22m - 35m.

  • Increased ADS Speed for Odin: Upgraded from 280ms to 260ms.

  • Reduced Lateral Recoil on the MSMC.

  • ASM-10 Upgrades: Extended the first range to 20m, increased base reload speed to 1.28s, decreased sprint to fire delay to 150ms, and enhanced movement speed to 4.67m/s.

  • RUS-79u Range Improvement: Extended from 9m-18m-32m to 10m-20m-32m.

  • M4LMG Adjustments: Aim shake reduced and 30 round light mag ADS time improvement increased from -10% to -30%, with bullet impact adjusted to 1.3.

  • FR-556 Fine-tuning: Aim shake magnitude reduced.

  • PPSH-41 and Striker 45: Lateral recoil on PPSH-41 reduced, and Striker 45 range expanded from 5m-10m-20m to 6m-11m-22m.

  • PDW-57: Recoil adjustment reverted to the pre-buff state.

Gameplay Element Modifications

Multiplayer (MP) Changes

  • Counter UAV: Duration increased from 30s to 36s.

  • Core Package: Slightly reduced the probability of obtaining high score killstreaks.

  • EMP Grenade: Starting carried amount increased from 1 to 2.

Perk and Operator Skill Adjustments

  • Alert: Expanded detection radius and update frequency for enemies' footsteps.

  • Tempest: Fine-tuned the ADS zoom feature.

Battle Royale (BR) Changes

  • Shockwave: Knockback effect reduced by 20%.

  • Equalizer: Enhanced the damage reduction scale from 20% to 30% and increased damage from 26 to 34 for 0-15m range.

Throwable Weapon Updates

  • Cluster Grenade: Main grenade damage boosted, with maximum damage rising from 60 to 80 and minimum from 40 to 60.

As Season 10 heralds Call of Duty: Mobile's fourth anniversary, these meticulous balance changes promise to redefine the battlefield and elevate the combat experience for all players.

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