COD: Mobile: 4 Legendary At the Price of 1? Halloween Series Armory Draw; Complete Guide


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COD: Mobile: 4 Legendary Skins At the Price of 1? Complete Guide of Halloween Series Armory Draw

Ahsan Kabir
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New COD Halloween Draw offers four Legendaries, with selectable higher odds for one of choice.
Milestone progress guarantees a Legendary; duplicate rewards turn into points for a free spin.
Collect all four Legendaries for bonus rewards, including a Mythic Calling Card and unique emote.

The 4 Legendary Halloween Series Armory Draw in COD: Mobile offers players a chance to win coveted rewards. The Lucky Draw going live on October 27, involves a completely new format of obtaining rewards than what CODM players are used to. This guide simplifies the draw mechanics for an easier grasp and to offer players more clarity what level of expenditure players are looking at.

This revamped lucky draw system combines 4 draws into one mega draw, ensuring players feel rewarded for their investments. However, players should approach with a realistic expectation, understanding the odds. The addition of milestones and the ability to choose which Legendary to target adds a layer of strategy and ensures some degree of reward.

The Reward Pool

  • The draw contains 4 Legendary Blueprints, along with many other rewards, all housed within the same pool.

  • It's essentially one of the largest lucky draws in COD: Mobile history.

Selecting Your Legendary

  • Players have the freedom to select one Legendary from the pool.

  • The chosen Legendary has an 85% higher chance of being won compared to the other three.

  • However, this 85% increase is out of the already slim 0.08% chance, making it effectively a 0.068% chance for your chosen gun and 0.012% for the other three.

The Odds

  • Ideally, each of these Legendary weapons should possess a 0.08% chance of being drawn, leading to a combined chance of 0.32%.

Milestone Progress

  • The game introduces a milestone progress system.

  • Upon reaching the end of a milestone, players are guaranteed to receive a Legendary.

  • This means, after spending an equivalent amount as any other lucky draw, players will get one of the 4 Legendaries.

  • If one is particularly unlucky and doesn't get their chosen Legendary, the next one they receive will be their initial choice.

  • However, if players receive a Legendary before hitting the milestone, the progress resets.

Duplicate Rewards

  • If players receive duplicate items, they will be converted into 'Series Points'.

  • Accumulating enough Series Points allows for a free draw.

  • Landing a duplicate Legendary will result in a COD Points refund, but the milestone progress remains unaffected.

  • Once all 4 Legendaries are won, any items not yet unlocked from the draw will be given for free.

Special Rewards

  • Owning all 4 Halloween Legendaries unlocks bonus rewards like the Mythic Calling Card, Legendary Frame, Icon, and a special emote.

  • Every Legendary from the reward pool contributes to the Prestige Weapon progress.

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