COD: Mobile: Check Out the Fastest Method to Unlock Aether Camo for All Guns

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD: Mobile: Check out the Fastest Method to Unlock Aether Camo for All Guns</p></div>
COD: Mobile: Check out the Fastest Method to Unlock Aether Camo for All Guns


COD: Mobile

Unlock Aether Crystal Camo for eight guns in one match with strategic loadouts in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile has brought in an exciting challenge for its players with the release of the Aether Crystal Camo. For many, the ultimate goal is to unlock this camo for all their weapons. But how does one achieve this, especially if they prefer to play solo? This article presents a method to quickly unlock the Aether Crystal Camo for at least eight guns in a single match.

Understanding the Requirements

Before diving into the strategy, it's essential to understand the number of kills needed from different weapon types:

  • Assault rifles, submachine guns, and light machine guns: 25 kills in 1 match.

  • Pistols: 15 kills.

  • Shotguns: 12 kills.

  • Marksman and sniper rifles: 8 kills.

Milestones to unlock Aether Camo in CODM

Milestones to unlock Aether Camo

Choosing the Right Loadouts

With the recent update in the undead siege, the game has expanded its ground loot and airdrop weapons. However, it's recommended to skip the ground loot weapons like CBR4, Oden, and others as you will likely find them during gameplay. Instead, a recommended combo would include an assault rifle or submachine gun, two snipers, a marksman rifle, and most importantly, a shotgun.

Strategy for Each Day and Night

Heavy Gunner in Undead Seige of CODM

Heavy Gunner in Undead Seige

  • Day 1: Begin with ground loot weapons like Fennec, CBR4, AK9, and others. A useful tip is to maximize aether essence collection by driving over zombies. Collect all materials and ammo, emphasizing shotgun ammo for later rounds.

  • Day 1 Night: If you already have camos for available ground loot weapons, let teammates deal with regular zombies while you focus on the special ones. Always loot everything dropped.

  • Day 2: This is the best time to utilize both sniper rifles, given the low kill requirement. Efficient use of aether essence ensures a smooth transition between the two snipers.

  • Day 2 Night: Focus on upgrading turrets and collecting more aether essence. By the end, get another loadout, preferably an assault rifle or submachine gun.

  • Day 3: Use the previously picked loadout weapon. Target zombie-dense areas for more kills. By night, ensure you finish 25 kills for your two primary guns.

  • Day 4: Start by using a marksman, achieving the required 8 kills. Replace it with a ground loot weapon and maximize your kill count.

  • Day 4 Night: Prioritize finishing required kills for both guns.

  • Day 5: Visit airdrops for new weapons and aim to finish the required kills for whatever you pick. Day 5 night requires a shift in strategy. Rather than camo grinding, focus on surviving the match. This is where shotguns come into play.

Why Shotguns are Essential

Shotguns, particularly in hard mode, become invaluable due to their high damage output. They're especially effective against necromancers and heavy gunners. Always aim for the head for maximized damage. If you run out of shotgun ammo, buy it from the vending machine. Remember, prioritizing zombies is essential. The order from most to least crucial is necromancer, heavy gunner, pulverizer, and so forth.

Bonus Tips

  • The Shorty is a great alternative to traditional shotguns due to its high damage.

  • If you have the Wrench Rig, you can teleport to the control tower, which can be a game-changer, especially when repositioning or upgrading turrets.

In conclusion, unlocking the Aether Crystal Camo for all guns may seem daunting, but with the right strategy and loadouts, it becomes an achievable target. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, this guide aims to streamline your camo grinding process in COD Mobile's undead siege mode.

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