Coach Zeys Explained Why He Left EVOS Legends


Coach Zeys Explains Why He Left EVOS Legends

John Dave Rossel
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Coach Zeys expressed his disappointment at not being part of the EVOS Legends roster.
According to him, since he was not a part of the Season 11 roster, he decided to leave the esports organziation.
Coach Zeys announced on his livestream that he is looking for a new MLBB team to join.

The former EVOS Legends head coach Bjorn "Zeys" Ong expressed his disappointment towards his former esports organization for not signing him to its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) roster. According to the coach, he felt left out after years of being loyal to the esports organization and helping its team achieve various championship titles. Coach Zeys also revealed that he wanted to go for another run and qualify for the M5 World Championship under EVOS Legends but that goal is no longer possible as he has been released from the roster. The coach is now looking for a new team to lead for future MLBB esports events.

Coach Zeys explained that his departure was EVOS Legends’ decision and not his

Through a livestream, the former EVOS Legends coach Zeys shared that he felt he was not appreciated enough by the esports organization.

"Actually, I also want to talk about it, guys. But I don't want problems with Evos if I talk about it because there's a contract. Only if you guys know, I made my own farewell video because I know I can't get my own farewell video," said Zeys.

Back on 10th February, EVOS Legends announced the departure of its multiple talents Gerrion "Vellion" Sugiarto, Raihan "Bajan" Ardy, Hafizhan "Clover" Mirzaputra, Ade "Hyde O'Brien" Pamungkas, and Zeys. This came as a surprise for some fans as Zeys was one of the most iconic faces in the esports organization and had led the squad to claim the M1 World Championship title.

According to Zeys, he felt that the team, for which he had worked hard to polish and grow, had become stronger. However, he claimed that the esports organization decided to exclude him from the roster for the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 11. This was the reason why he has decided to leave the the team.

"Want to get M5 with Evos [Legends] but the decision is not in my hands, guys, I'm disappointed, guys. Indeed, I feel that the team that I built from the start, has been made, is already strong and I'm left behind, guys,” explained Zeys.

The former EVOS Legends coach also announced that he is looking for a new MLBB team to lead. Given his veteran status in the esports scene, it may not be long until he finds a new team to lead in upcoming MLBB tournaments.

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