Tazz DD Explained Dlar’s “Legends Creator” Title in EVOS Legends Roster Reveal

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Tazz DD Explained Dlar’s  “Legends Creator” Title in EVOS Legends Roster Reveal</p></div>
Tazz DD Explained Dlar’s “Legends Creator” Title in EVOS Legends Roster Reveal


EVOS Legends jungler Tazz DD explained what Dlar's title meant in the EVOS Legends MPL ID Season 11 roster reveal.
According to Tazz DD, the title was meant as a joke which meant Dlar will be competing as a pro player but can also stream and be a content creator.
Former EVOS Legends player REKT explained that not all players were given the option to livestream and compete professionally in MLBB esports.

EVOS Legends’ seasoned veteran Darrel "Tazz DD" Wijaya clarified what the “Legends Creator” title meant for its Filipino import Gerald "Dlar" Trinchera. The title was shown during the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 11 roster reveal. According to the pro player, it was meant as a joke as Dlar is one of the most popular MLBB content creators in the squad who is also a pro player. 

The Filipino veteran will be competing in the MPL ID Season 11 as the team’s EXP Laner. The tournament is set to be held sometime in February.

Why is Dlar a “Legends Creator” in EVOS Legends’ MPL ID Season 11 roster?

EVOS Legends’ roster reveal video received quite a backlash from MLBB fans. The hate was due to the revelation that Dlar was part of the roster but as a “Legends Creator.” A lot of fans took this as the pro player only tasked with content creation and not competing in the upcoming MPL ID Season 11.

However, according to EVOS Legends’ Jungler, Tazz DD, this was not the case. It was meant to be a joke and a special title for Dlar. This was revealed during a livestream by the squad’s former roamer Gustian "REKT."

“It’s just a joke because he can stream while competing,” explained Tazz.

REKT further elaborated that the esports organization allowed pro players to stream and do content creation while being active in tournaments, but on one condition.

“In the past, those who wanted to stream in Nimo [TV], had to be champions,” stated REKT.

Nimo TV is one of the most popular streaming platforms in Indonesia. The platform is also quite big in China but operates under the Huya name.

Despite Dlar not securing any championship title yet, due to his proven track record in the MLBB esports scene, he may have been given the special privilege of being a “Legends Creator.”

With the title now explained, fans may finally witness Dlar return in the MPL ID Season 11 and dazzle in the upcoming competition.

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