Coach Pakbet Explains Difference Between Raizen and Kielvj's Playstyle


Coach Pakbet Explains Difference Between Raizen and Kielvj's Playstyle

John Dave Rossel
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Omega Esports delivers a 3-0 clean sweep victory against EVOS SG in the MSC 2022 lower bracket playoffs.
Omega Esports Coach Pakbet shared the difference between Kielvj and Raizen's playstyle as the team's jungler.
According to Pakbet, Kielvj's playstyle revolves around the late game powerspike while Raizen is more focused on early game dominance.

Omega Esports regained its momentum and delivered a 3-0 clean sweep victory against EVOS Singapore (SG) in the lower bracket playoffs of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022. Renowned as the Comeback Kings, the defending champion is well known for gaining its momentum only after dropping to the lower bracket stages of tournaments. Omega Esports continues its grand finals dream whereas EVOS SG is officially eliminated from the tournament. Through a post-match interview, the defending champion’s head coach Jomie "Pakbet" Abalos shared the difference between the playstyles of its two star junglers Kiel "Kielvj" VJ Cruzem and Dean "Raizen" Christian Sumagui.

Omega Esports Knocks EVOS SG out of the MSC 2022 competition

Omega Esports delivered a stellar performance in the lower bracket playoffs with a 3-0 upset against the Singaporean representative EVOS SG. This was the first playoffs win for the defending champion and it also ended up eliminating the last remaining Singaporean representative of this tournament.

EVOS SG Lost 3-0 against Omega Esports

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Through a post match press conference, it was revealed how the team’s two star junglers Kielvj and Raizen had influenced the team’s performance for the current meta. According to head coach Pakbet, Raizen fits perfectly in the current meta where the early game snowball is more viable than simply stalling out for a late game powerspike.

“Maybe the difference for us when Raizen is playing, is our early game became better,” stated Pakbet.

He added that before the meta changed, the team was more focused on late game performance where Kielvj became a valuable asset for the team. However, when the meta shifted to tank heroes and Raizen was signed as the new main Jungler “our playstyle became lighter heading to the early game so we can keep up with other teams.”

Pakbet explained that this adjustment was necessary because “if you can control the early game, you will be carrying through the end-game until it’s done.”

With Raizen being Omega Esports’ new staple Jungler, Kielvj may be shifting to another role as hinted by the team’s substitute player Billy "Z4pnu" Alfonso in one of his vlogs. According to the substitute player, fans may be seeing Kielvj as a Mid Laner in the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10.

Omega Esports’ journey through the playoffs stage of the MSC 2022 is surely an interesting story to follow, given their reputation for gaining momentum when being dropped to the lower bracket.

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