Coach Leathergoods' Return Revitalizes Bren Esports in the MPL PH Season 10



Coach Leathergoods Returns and Revitalizes Bren Esports in MPL PH Season 10

John Dave Rossel
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Bren Esports scored a reverse sweep against ONIC PH in the MPL PH Season 10.
Coach Leathergoods’ return to the competitive scene helped boost the morale of Bren Esports.
Bren Esports is now tied with ECHO with at 12 points each.

Bren Esports secured its fourth win in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10. The M2 World Champion pulled off a reverse sweep against ONIC PH to close the series with a 2-1 victory in the fifth week of the regular season. Bren Esports is now at the sixth spot on the leaderboard with 12 points.

Through a post-match press conference, the team shared how the return of its iconic coach Ralph “Leathergoods” Llabres has had such a great impact on the MPL squad. The coach also shared his reasons for taking a break from MLBB coaching.

Bren Esports upsets ONIC PH in the MPL PH Season 10 Week 5

The M2 World Champion is now slowly regaining its momentum as it performed an impressive reverse sweep against the new face of ONIC PH. The team is now tied with ECHO at 12 points.

The first game saw Bren Esports failing to keep up with ONIC PH’s relentless map pressure. A crucial teamfight occurred at the 14-minute mark which left Vincent "Pandora" Unigo’s Chou and Marco "SUPER MARCO" Requitano’s Beatrix as the last remaining defenders of the base. The two players put forth a good fight but ONIC PH was able to close the game and secure its first win.

Bren Esports bounced back in the next two games as the team secured a massive 15k gold lead in the second game. Game three was an endurance test for both teams as no one dared to risk being picked off. However, Bren Esports stood dominant in the resource department and was able to make quick work of ONIC PH’s defenses, finishing the third game with five kills and no deaths.

Bren Esports upsets ONIC PH

Coach Leathergoods helped Bren Esports regain its momentum

After several seasons of upsetting performances, Coach Leathergoods revealed through a post-match press conference that it was high time he returned to the squad to help bring back its former championship form.

“When I saw the team having a hard time, we thought maybe with our presence alone, we can help them,” stated the veteran coach.

He added that there are more plans in place to help the players “develop their characters as a person and not only as players.”

Coach Leathergoods stated that returning to the MPL PH esports scene felt good and he is hoping to help the team in his own way.

“Hopefully, I can provide change to them so I can help them more. So I’ll ease into it,” he said.

The team’s star roamer Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo, echoed the coach’s statement, stating that Leathergoods was a big help for the team.

“Coach Leather is a big help to our morale, actually. In the past few weeks of our matches, we were losing morale as a team. Because of coach Leather, we felt at ease,” the roamer explained.

Bren Esports is looking to continue its rise on the leaderboards and shall go up against TNC Pro Team on 11th September at 5:00 PM (PHT). ONIC PH will be facing the super team ECHO on the same day at 7:30 PM (PHT).

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