Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Weapon Balance Changes

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: 'Zombies are back' goes live on 12th October.</p></div>

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: 'Zombies are back' goes live on 12th October.


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 'Zombies Are Back' goes live on 12th October.
Here are the balance changes players can expect from Season 9 Zombies Are Back.

In celebration of Halloween, Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9  Zombies Are Back is bringing all things spooky to the mobile game. The new season will feature two modes: Zombies Classic on the map Shi No Numa and Super Attack of the Undead. Players will also get to play on the Haunted Hacienda Multiplayer map and blast enemies remotely with the new C4 throwable. As always, Season 9 will bring a brand-new Battle Pass, a new functional weapon, a new throwable Lethal, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and more. There are also some weapon balance changes to come with the season. 

Weapon balance changes in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9

This season a number of assault rifles and sniper rifles have been buffed. According to the Leakers On Duty tweet, these are the balance changes players can expect from Season 9 Zombies Are Back:

Assault Rifles


  • Increased damage

  • Increased damage multiplier

  • Increased burst fire rate

  • Decreased vertical and horizontal recoil


  • Decreased horizontal recoil

  • Improved ADS movement speed


  • Increased Multiplier

  • Decreased vertical and horizontal recoil

  • ADS speed penalty removed


  • Increased multiplier

  • Increased ADS Speed

  • Decreased sprint-to-fire speed


  • Increased range

  • Increased multiplier

Peacekeeper MK2

  • Decreased range

  • Decreased agile stock ADS movement speed boost

  • Decreased the firm grip flinch reduction


  • (BR Exclusive) Increased Range



  • Increased multiplier

  • Increased movement speed


  • Increased damage

  • Decreased range


Holger 26

  • Increased damage

  • Increased range

  • Decreased ADS bullet speed

  • (BR exclusive) Airdrop Holger will now deal more damage than a regular Holger


  • Increased first damage range

  • Increased ADS accuracy

  • Increased hipfire accuracy

  • Decreased the long barrel ADS movement speed penalty



  • Increased sprint-to-fire speed


  • Increased multiplier

  • Adjusted Damage and range


  • Increased damage

  • Decreased vertical recoil

  • Adjusted range

ZRG 20mm

  • Bullet speed bug fixed



  • Decreased recoil

Two modes are coming to&nbsp;Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9.&nbsp;

Battle Royale class and Scorestreak changes


  • Decreased charging speed


  • Decreased skill duration

Scorestreak adjustments

MQ-27 Dragonfire

  • Increased bullet capacity

Hawk X3

  • Increased damage

  • Increased range

XS1 Goliath

  • Increased firing damage

  • Increased movement speed


  • Decreased score needed to get scorestreak


  • Decreased number of swarm drones.

Season 9: Zombies Are Back launches on Call of Duty: Mobile at 5 PM PT on 12th October (5:30 AM IST/ 8:00 AM SGT on 13th October).

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