Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 weapon balance changes.


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Weapon Balance Changes Buffs and Nerfs

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 sees a number of changes to weapons, operator skills, lethal and tactical equipment.
Here are the balance changes coming to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Train to Nowhere brings a number of changes to the game including two new weapons, a new Multiplayer map, a perk, a new battle Royale class, and the Operation: Spy Hunt themed event. Train to Nowhere also has some balance changes lined up with a number of weapons and operator skills getting buffs and nerfs in Season 8.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Weapon Balance Changes

A number of weapons and operator skills are being nerfed and buffed in the upcoming Season 8 update:

  • Swordfish

    Fire Interval between Bursts: Reduced

    Hip-fire Bullet Spread: Increased (Multiplayer Only)

    ADS Speed: Increased

    Halberd Mag

    Fire Interval In Burst: Reduced

  • Pharo

    Recoil: Buffed

    Range: Nerfed

    The nerfs to the range have hampered its mid-close range effectiveness.

  • Chicom

    Damage Multiplier: Increased

  • Oden

    Recoil: Reduced

    Range: Increased

    PPSh-41 Buffed

    Horizontal Recoil: Reduced

  • Chopper

    ADS Accuracy: Increased

    Damage: Increased

    Range: Increased

    According to the statistical analysis page Stats On Duty, the damage buff to the gun makes it one of the fastest to take down enemies at close range in Battle Royale (BR) mode.

  • QXR

    Damage: Increased

    According to Stats On Duty, the damage buffs have reduced the time to kill on this weapon significantly.

  • KRM-262

    Damage: Increased

    Range: Increased

    Hip-fire Central Pellets Spread: Reduced

  • JAK-12

    Damage Multiplier: Reduced

    Range: Reduced

  • MX9

    Damage: Increased

  • LK24

    Get-Hit Flinch: Reduced

    Damage Multiplier: Increased

    The LK24 is now more viable for long-range fights due to the reduction in flinch.

  • HG40

    Range: Increased

    Damage Multiplier: Increased

    The HG 40 can now take down enemies within 20 meters in four shots. According to Stats On Duty, the HG40 is now a great mid-range weapon option.

  • AK-47

    Damage Multiplier: Increased

Multiplayer Balance Changes

  • Reactor Core

    Damage Radius: Reduced

    Activate Energy Needed: Increased

    Energy Recovery Rate: Reduced

  • Gravity Spikes

    Energy Recovery Rate: Increased

  • Claw Buffed

    The bullet damage will not be reduced after the rebound.

Lethal and Tactical Adjustment

Overall the effective radius for most lethal equipment has been reduced, however, tactical equipment has been buffed with an increased detection radius for Trophy System and Echo Grenade.

  • Flash Drone

    Effective Radius: Reduced

  • Concussion Grenade

    Effective Radius: Reduced

    Max Duration: Reduced

    Min Duration: Reduced

  • Thermite Nerfed
    Effective Radius: Reduced

    Duration: Reduced

  • Trophy System

    Detect Radius: Increased

  • Flashbang Grenade

    Effective Radius: Adjusted to 10m

    Max Effective Duration: Increased

  • Contact Grenade

    Throw Speed: Increased

    Damage: Increased

    Damage Radius: Increased

  • Molotov Cocktail

    Duration: Increased

  • Echo Grenade

    Detect Radius: Increased

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