Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return has a lot of new content in store for players. 


Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return, Everything You Need To Know

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return brings in a new map, a new multiplayer mode, a new Scorestreak, and more to the game.
The season will also bring new multiplayer mode optimizations and free daily crates for players.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return will debut mid November as Season 9 comes to a close. Players are in store for a lot of new content including this season’s themed search for the missing agent Stansfield event, a new multiplayer (MP) map called Vacant, a new multiplayer mode, two new functional weapons, a new Scorestreak and of course a brand new battle pass along with other event-themed cosmetics. Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return will go live on 16th November 2021 at 4:00 PM (Pacific Time), which is on 17th November 2021 at 8:00 AM (Singapore Time).

What’s New In COD Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return

Players can help Templar search for the missing agent Stansfield on the new MP map Vacant, as part of the “Search for Stansfield” event launching during the season. Players will also have access to two new functional weapons – the CBR4 SMG, and the SVD semi-automatic sniper rifle and a new Scorestreak.

New Themed Event

In the Search for Stansfield event, players join forces to help Templar – Unredeemed search for Stansfield by unlocking nodes and earning XP alongside themed rewards. During the event, players will need to complete Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches to earn points that they can spend to progress the search. Players will need to uncover additional intel about Stansfield’s location and earn rewards along the way.

The new themed event will require players to help Templar find Stansfield. 

New Map and Multiplayer mode

Shadows Return also features a new map called Vacant, first featured in the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Set in an abandoned office building in Ukraine, players can engage in some close quarters combat around office equipment, cubicles and take cover behind random debris lying around the abandoned place. You can also take the fight outside among the destroyed vehicles, shipping containers and a large oil tanker for more mid to long range fights.

The new mutliplayer map Vacant will feature opportunities for both close and long range combat. 

A new multiplayer mode, Control, is also coming back to the Call of Duty franchise through Shadows Return. First featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, this mode sees each team take turns in attacking and defending capture points, similar to Domination. However, there will be limited respawns for each player. The first team to win three rounds will win the game.

The new MP mode control is a mix of Domination and Search and Destroy. 

Multiplayer Optimizations

COD Mobile Season 10 will also see several Multiplayer optimizations across maps. The overall lighting in Hackney Yard has been improved, and Hovec Sawmill is back to daytime along with a new water wheel animation. In Nuketown, bullet penetration has been slightly adjusted to inflict more damage through certain wooden boards next to the houses.

When using the Tempest Operator Skill, hitting the ground or wall near an enemy will inflict lightning damage, and the UAV Scorestreak now displays the red dots of enemies in sync with the scanning effects. A Gung-Ho freezing bug has been squashed, and the Operator Loadout interface is newly optimized with an added skin function to equip your operators with ease.

New Free Battle Pass content and Daily Crates

As always, Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return will also refresh Clan Wars and Ranked Series, featuring new Epic rewards. Players will also have access to 50 new tiers of the Battle Pass and new characters including Templar - Unredeemed and Stansfield, new weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms, COD points and more. The free Battle Pass tiers will feature the new Scorestreak - Orbital Laser at Tier 14. At Tier 21, players get access to the SVD sniper rifle. Other free tier items include the M16 – Paranoid, Charm – Gilded Marksman, Calling Card – Five Finger Fillet, and more.

Players will also be able to claim the new Daily Free Crate once every 24 hours for the chance to get content you missed out on from previous season rewards. There’s also the new Credit Crate, featuring Rare and Epic variants of past rewards.

Watch the Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return trailer down below:

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