Burn X Flash Unveils MPL KH Autumn Split 2022 Roster

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Burn X Flash Unveils MPL KH Autumn Split 2022 Roster</p></div>
Burn X Flash Unveils MPL KH Autumn Split 2022 Roster


Burn x Flash unveiled its roster featuring three former Nexplay EVOS talents.
Coach Zico shall lead the Cambodian squad along with two youngbloods Hesa and MPDKing.
The team shall be competing in the upcoming MPL KH Autumn Split 2022.

The Cambodian esports team, Burn x Flash officially announced its roster for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Cambodia (KH) Autumn Split 2022. The roster features the three Filipino talents coach Michael "Zico" Dizon, Jhonwin "Hesa" Dela Merced, and Michael "MPDKing" Medrocillo Endino (also known as MP the King). The three new recruits were former members of Nexplay EVOS. The team received a lot of support from the Philippines (PH) fans, wishing them luck for the upcoming tournament. Burn x Flash also humored the fans who noticed that Hesa and MPDKing’s faces were merely photoshopped to another pro player’s body due to time constraints.

Burn X Flash announced its roster for the MPL KH Autumn Split 2022

A few months ago, the esports organization acquired the former Nexplay EVOS coach Zico in hopes to fortify its lineup for the upcoming league. However, the team wasn’t done there and had plans of boosting its lineup even further with the help of more PH talents.

The official roster reveal of Burn x Flash confirmed the addition of two Nexplay EVOS standouts Hesa and MPDKing.

Both players showed promise during their careers in the MPL PH. While the two youngbloods had their own struggles, they both excelled in their own roles with Hesa mastering the Gold Lane and MPDKing handling the Jungle role. Under the guidance of the same coach they were under, at Nexplay EVOS, they shall now vie for a championship finish as a part of the Cambodian squad.

The team is composed of the following members;

  • Kosal "ATM" Piseth - EXP Lane

  • Kunn "XE ON" Chankakada - Jungler

  • Sour "Celichma" Mara - Jungler

  • Michael "MP the King" Medrocillo Endino - Jungler

  • Sok "C Cat" Roth - Mid Lane

  • Vithou "Fury" Sovisal - Gold Lane

  • Jhonwin "Hesa" Dela Merced Vergara - Gold Lane

  • Ty "D7" Oudom - Roamer

  • John "Zico" Michael Dizon - Coach

It shall be interesting to see if this addition of the three PH talents improves the performance of Burn x Flash in the upcoming MPL KH Autumn Split 2022.

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