Bren Esports Hit the Jackpot With KyleTzy and Owgwen, Says It's Coaches



Bren Esports Coaches Believe They Hit the Jackpot With KyleTzy and Owgwen

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Bren Esports secured its playoffs spot in the MPL PH Season 10.
The team won against RSG PH with a 2-1 victory and earned enough points to claim a playoffs ticket.
Bren Esports coach Duckeyyy and Paoloexpert stated that the team hit the jackpot with the acquisition of KyleTzy and Owgwen.

After seasons of being at the bottom ranking, Bren Esports finally earned its ticket to the playoffs spot in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10. The team was able to pull off a 2-1 victory against the defending champion RSG PH, earning a total of 18 points. With all the slots taken, Nexplay EVOS and TNC Pro Team are officially out of the playoffs stage. Through a post-match press conference, the Bren Esports head coaches expressed how two of their amateur standouts made a huge impact for the team’s resurgence in the MPL PH Season 10.

Bren Esports finally broke its regular season curse and secures playoffs spot

The M2 World Champion breathes a sigh of relief as it finally earned its playoffs spot in the MPL PH Season 10 after two seasons of lackluster performances. The team was able to secure enough points after winning against RSG PH in a best of three (Bo3) series.

With Bren Esports taking the 5th slot in the playoffs, the defending champion barely made it in the 6th slot with 18 points. Nexplay EVOS and TNC Pro Team will no longer get a chance to earn enough points to climb the leaderboard even if they manage to sweep all of their remaining matches for Week 7 and 8.

Bren Esports secures playoffs spot.


Bren Esports hit the jackpot with KyleTzy and Owgwen, says coach Duckeyyyy and Paoloexpert

Through a post-match press conference, the two coaches of Bren Esports Francis "Duckeyyy" Glindro and Jian "Pauloxpert" Munsayac shared how much impact its two rookies have made for the team.

“To be honest, before the roster lockdown, we did not expect both those players to even be in the roster in the first place.” said Pauloxpert. “It felt like Bren, itself, just won a jackpot with those two players, getting them last minute.”

Michael "KyleTzy" Sayson and Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo are Bren Esports’ latest recruits. The two players have showed big improvements since they debuted in the MPL PH Season 10 and became pivotal to the team’s success in the regular season.

Coach Duckeyyy shared how the team was able to acquire the two youngbloods. According to him KyleTzy was the hardest to acquire due to contract reasons.

“Getting Owgwen was easy. We were lacking one player for position five and I asked Stowm (Dale Vidor), ‘do you know anyone?’ and he said Owgwen, and that’s it,” explained the head coach.

“For KyleTzy’s acquisition, was kind of hard, really. It was buried behind a contract from an amateur team,” he added.

According to Duckeyyy, he was keeping an eye on the amateur player since last season.

“He was my top prospect since season 9. Unfortunately, the buyout was somewhat astronomical for the player of his caliber with all the championships and experience he has,” the coach said.

“What he (Pauloxpert) said, we hit the jackpot with KyleTzy and Owgwen,” the coach added.

Despite securing the playoff spot, Bren Esports will still need to face Omega Esports on 30th September at 5:00 PM (PHT). RSG PH will be facing Nexplay EVOS on 25th September at 5:00 PM (PHT).

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