BMPS 2023 Week 3 Day 5: Overall Standings, Match Summary and More

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Day 5 of BMPS 2023 Week 3 was the day of comebacks for teams like Gujarat Tigers, WSB Gaming, U4G Esports and Team Psyche.
U4G Esports secured one of the biggest chicken dinners on Day 5 of BMPS 2023 Week 3 with 35 points.

Day 5 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 has concluded with Gujarat Tigers, WSB Gaming, Team Psyche and Hyper Esports dominating the event. Some of the seasoned teams like MidWave Esports and OR Esports are yet to put forth consistent performances and are placed in the second half of the points table. 

Gujarat Tigers placed first with 64 points and a chicken dinner. Team XSpark placed second and got 59 points. GenxFM placed third with 57 points out of which 32 came via finish points. WSB Gaming placed fourth and got 54 points. U4G Esports placed fifth with 47 points.

BMPS 2023 Week 3 Day 5 Match Summary

Match 1 Erangel (Group 7 vs Group 8): 7Shore secured a massive 28 point chicken dinner. Goat from 7Shore was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the match with 13 finishes to his name. BloodRose placed second and got 17 points. Gladiators Esports, Nonx Official and OR Esports grabbed 13 points each. Godlike Esports placed sixth and got 10 points. The World Of Battle (TWOB) was eliminated early without scoring any points.

Match 2 Miramar (Group 11 vs Group12): U4G Esports secured one of the biggest chicken dinners of BMPS 2023 with 35 points including 20 finish points. Aimgod, CaptainS7 and Stark were the star performers for U4G Esports with 7, 5 and 5 finishes respectively. WSB Gaming made a comeback and got 16 points. Team XSpark continued its good run and got 15 points. Hyper Esports and 4 Horse Man scored 13 points each. GenxFM showed aggressive gameplay and scored 12 points. 

Match 3 Sanhok (Group 8 vs Group 11): Godlike Esports secured a much important 26 point chicken dinner. Team Soul showed good rotations and got 20 points. WSB Gaming continued its momentum and scored 19 points. GenxFM placed fourth and got 15 points. Nonx Official and Team No Ones scored 8 points each. TWOB and Titan Esports were eliminated in the early stages with 1 point each. 

Match 4 Vikendi (Group 7 vs Group 9): Gujarat Tigers grabbed a comeback chicken dinner with 27 points. AJ from Gujarat Tigers was the MVP of the match with 5 solo finishes. GlitchxReborn placed second and got 22 points, 12 of which came via finishes. Troublemakerz showed good teamwork and scored 18 points. Error Esports placed fourth and got 11 points. LiveCraft, 7Shore and 4 Aggressive Man were eliminated with 2 points each.

Match 5 Erangel (Group 9 vs Group 12): Team Psyche secured the chicken dinner in the last match of the day with 21 points. Although Team Psyche secured the chicken dinner, Redemption Crew got the most points, 22, from the match. Reaperog from Redemption Crew was the MVP of the match with 6 solo finishes. Marcos Gaming had a good mix of finish and placement points and got 16 points. Gujarat Tigers got 15 points for their team effort. Team XSpark had back to back good games and got 11 points. 4 Horse Man and Team FS were eliminated with 1 point each.

BMPS 2023 Week 3 Day 5 Points Table:

Day 5 of BMPS 2023 Week 3 was the day of comebacks for teams like Gujarat Tigers,  WSB Gaming, U4G Esports and Team Psyche. Some of the teams like Team Soul, Team XSpark and GenxFM continued their momentum from Day 4 and grabbed some more points to strengthen their position in the overall points table.

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