Blacklist International Unveils MDL PH Season 1 Roster Featuring OHEB


Blacklist International Unveils MDL PH Season 1 Roster Featuring OHEB

John Dave Rossel
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OHEB joins Blacklist International's MDL PH Season 1 roster.
The squad is composed of promising youngbloods who previously joined the 31st SEA Games under the Blacklist SIBOL lineup.
OHEB may be reassigned back to the MPL roster as the league permits mid-season transfers.

Blacklist International officially announced its team roster for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League Philippines (MDL PH) Season 1. The roster will be known as Blacklist Academy and mostly features familiar youngbloods who were part of the Gold Medalist Blacklist SIBOL lineup during the 31st SEA Games. Blacklist International’s iconic veteran Gold Laner and M3 World Championship Finals MVP (Most Valuable Player) is also part of the lineup. 

The inaugural MDL PH Season 1 is set to be held on 15th February where eight teams from the franchise league and two invited amateur teams shall compete for the championship title.

OHEB may be re-assigned back to the Blacklist International MPL team through mid-season transfer

One of the powerhouse teams of the Philippines has officially announced its roster for the upcoming development league. The roster reveal came with a surprising twist as the renowned Filipino Sniper Kiel “OHEB” Soriano is part of the lineup.

The squad is composed of the following members;

  • Kyle "Dominic" Soto

  • Russel "Eyon" Usi 

  • Lee "Owl" Gonzales

  • Kiel "OHEB" Soriano

  • Jakob "Rindo" Seguiran

  • Steve "Steve" Nash Calunuran

  • Josh "Lembot" Lucban - Coach

According to the MDL rule, a player can transfer from the development roster up to the MPL roster three times per season. However, teams can make unlimited transfers if the player is from the MPL and gets sent to its MDL squad, provided that the roster will not go to the minimum player count (5 starters and 1 substitute) and may not go beyond 10 members. This means fans may be seeing OHEB playing for both squads in the upcoming season. 

The privilege to transfer coaches and players is only given to franchise teams. This means the invited amateur teams - Gamelab and ZOL Esports are not eligible for these transfers.

However, considering OHEB's veteran status in the MLBB esports scene, he may serve as the captain and lead the squad into claiming its own glory in the upcoming MDL PH Season 1.

It will be interesting to see if Blacklist International will make a mid-season roster update with OHEB joining the pro league squad as it defends its title in the MPL PH Season 11.

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