Blacklist International CEO Confirms MPL 10-Man Lineup and MDL Collaboration

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Blacklist International CEO Confirms MPL 10-Man Lineup and MDL Collaboration</p></div>
Blacklist International CEO Confirms MPL 10-Man Lineup and MDL Collaboration


Tryke Gutierrez revealed that the Blacklist International roster for the MPL PH Season 12 will comprise of players from both the MPL and MDL rosters.
Tryke confirmed that the team shall collaborate with another esports organization that shall manage its MDL PH roster.
Fans speculate that the unannounced esports organization may be Team Lunatix from Malaysia.

Blacklist International’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Tryke Gutierrez, shared more information about the team’s lineup for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 12. According to Tryke, the team shall be a 10-man roster featuring both the pro league and the development squad in one roster. He also revealed that the organization will collaborate with another organization for the upcoming Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) PH Season 2. While the name of the organization is yet to be unveiled there are various hints that led fans to speculate that it may be the Malaysian organization, Team Lunatix. 

Blacklist International to merge MPL and MDL players into one roster for Season 12

Through a recent vlog by Tryke Gutierrez, he shared how the Blacklist International roster for the MPL PH Season 12 would comprise a 10-man team from both the pro and amateur divisions. This roster update was inspired by ECHO who was not afraid to shuffle its roster and bring in players from its amateur division.

“We know that we did not win against ECHO twice and I think we need to make adjustments. I think one of the good things that ECHO did was that they had a 10-man team, they had a sparring partner,” explained Tryke. “Here in MPL we all know how high the level of competition is. You really need to always innovate, always evolve.”

He further elaborated that the team preferred to have a five-man lineup which worked in their favor. However, with the recent increase of competitiveness by other teams, the team has decided to merge its pro and amateur teams into one roster that will compete in the upcoming MPL PH Season 12.

According to Tryke, this merge shall allow the team to formulate more strategies that the previous lineup struggled to have due to its limited roster.

“What we did is we took our MDL players into the MPL (roster), we made it a 10-man lineup, like I said. And now, we started sparring, we’re starting to see different angles and other exciting surprises that you probably haven’t seen in Blacklist,” he explained.

He added, “There are limitations to scrim sessions with other teams but at least this time around we can be more experimental, we can discover more ways to execute (our plays).”

Blacklist Amateur team to collaborate with another organization for MDL PH Season 2

Following Tryke’s revelation about Blacklist International’s MPL PH Season 12 roster, he also unveiled that the team is planning on collaborating with another organization to sign a team for the MDL PH Season 2.

“On the MDL side, we partnered with another organization and they will be the one to handle the operations and the team for our MDL,” he said. “We went through the proper process, we liked what they offered and we also wanted to open up more opportunity for other players who want to join MDL.”

The name of the organization is yet to be unveiled. However, Team Lunatix, a Malaysian team recently made a cryptic post with the caption “White Meets Black.” 

The Malaysian team also revealed that it shall be relocating its company and operations to the Philippines.

These recent posts led fans to believe that Team Lunatix may be the one Tryke is referring to in his vlog that shall manage Blacklist Academy in the upcoming MDL PH Season 12. However, both organizations are yet to confirm the collaboration so fans should take this with a grain of salt.

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