YouTube Channel Of BGMI Pro SouL Regaltos Gets Hacked


BGMI Pro SouL Regaltos' YouTube Channel Gets Hacked

YouTube channel of SouL Regaltos has been taken down.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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BGMI streamer, content creator, and professional player, Regaltos lost access to his official YouTube channel after it was compromised last night on 3rd March.
The account was renamed 'Ripple 2022' after being compromised and content related to cryptocurrency was broadcasted on it before being terminated.
According to a statement by Thug, measures are being taken to retrieve the YouTube channel, but it may take a few days time for the issues to get resolved.

One of the leading Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) content creators, streamers, and professional players in the country, Parv "Regaltos" Singh, seems to have lost access to his official YouTube channel after it was compromised last night on 3rd March.

The account was renamed 'Ripple 2022' with content related to cryptocurrency being broadcasted on it after being hacked. Soon after the channel was taken down from YouTube. It is currently under the process of being recovered as stated by Animesh "Thug" Agarwal via his official Instagram account.

Upon visiting Regaltos' YouTube channel at this point in time, no content is available on it while the following statement appears "This account has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines".

YouTube channel of BGMI pro Regaltos taken down after being hacked

Soul Regaltos has been part of S8UL for a very long time and is one of their top content creators. He has also competed under their banner across both PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

The 21-year-old is known for his assaulting prowess in the popular mobile battle royale, most recently seen in action along with Team 8Bit at the THUG Invitational: Season 4 which took place in January earlier this year. The team managed to achieve a 7th place finish at the tournament, above notable teams like Chemin Esports, Team XO, Skylightz Gaming (BGIS 2021 Champions), 7Sea Esports, and more.

Since having started his YouTube channel in December 2015, Regaltos was able to acquire about 2.2 million subscribers with more than 750 uploads, making him one of the more successful gaming streamers from the country.

While Regaltos has not made any direct comments or given any statement about the situation, Thug - co-founder of S8UL, did come forward to address this incident by explaining that they were currently working on retrieving Regaltos' YouTube channel, but it might take a few days for the matter to get resolved.

Statement by Thug on Regaltos' YouTube channel getting hacked

At this point in time, the account is unavailable and upon visiting it a message shows up stating that the account has been terminated for violating YouTube's community guidelines.

SouL Regaltos' YouTube account

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