BGMI New Mummy Themed M416 Skin Leaked

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BGMI New Mummy Themed M416 Skin Leaked


The Mummy themed M416 skin is set to have various upgradable features like on hit effect, loot box animation, weapon animation and more.
A new P90 skin is also expected to be introduced which will have the Mecha Fusion theme similar to the next major update 3.2.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has introduced various types of events and crates in the game and offered some exciting rewards. The events and crates are based on a certain theme and the rewards are also based on that similar theme. The 3.1 update in BGMI was recently released, the theme for the new update was based on Arabian Nights and Krafton, BGMI’s publisher, has already released multiple events based on the theme.

In a recently released video, ClassifiedYT has teased an upcoming skin in BGMI which will be based on the Mummy theme.

BGMI to introduce Mummy themed M416 skin

In a recently released video, ClassifiedYT, a Youtuber known to provide leaks for upcoming BGMI events, crates and major updates has revealed that BGMI will soon introduce a Mummy themed M416 skin. The new skin will have multiple upgradable features and can be upgraded with Materials to get its ultimate form. Some of the features that can be unlocked with Materials are loot box animations, elimination broadcast effects, loot box skins, on hit effects and more.

M416 Skin

The video also reveals a new P90 SubMachine Gun (SMG) skin. The theme for the P90 is expected to be based on Mecha Fusion which is the main theme for the next major 3.2 update in BGMI. The P90 weapon skin will also have several upgradable features like elimination broadcast effect, loot box skin, on hit effect and more. Players can upgrade the skin with the help of Materials to get the above mentioned features.

P90 Skin

Previously BGMI had released a major update based on the ancient theme which had the pyramid-like structures floating in the map of Erangel. The major update also had multiple events and crates which were based on the Mummy theme and had several rewards like costumes, exclusive X Suit event and more. The similar theme is expected to be followed for the new M416 skin.

Although the price for the M416 skin has not been revealed, with the amount of upgradable features the weapon has to offer, it can be expected that players will be required to spend a lot of Unknown Cash (UC) in order to procure the new M416 skin. The dates for both the skins are yet to be revealed.

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