BGMI Independence Day Mahotsav: Events, Schedule, Rewards, How to Complete

Krafton has released a couple of BGMI events as part of the Independence Day Mahotsav.

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Krafton has announced the Independence Day Mahotsav for Battlegrounds Mobile India, running from 11th to 20th August.
This Independence Day celebration consists of two separate events - Brother in Arms and Login Event.
BGMI players can collect rewards by simply logging in and by also completing a few daily missions.

Krafton has been actively releasing a ton of content for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), like the popular Sand Bottle event, which was extended by more than a week recently. The developers have now launched the Independence Day Mohatsav, which basically translates to Independence Day Festival. It consists of two events, the first one is 'Independence Day: Brother in Arms' which requires players to complete certain missions to receive rewards, while the second one is 'Independence Day: Login Event' through which players can receive rewards for free by simply playing BGMI every day.

Here is complete information about the currently ongoing BGMI Independence Day Mohatsav through which players can earn the Purple Magnolia AWM skin for absolutely free.

BGMI Independence Day Mahotsav: Complete Details

Krafton is celebrating India's Independence Day by launching a couple of in-game events through which players can earn a few amazing rewards including an AWM skin.

Independence Day: Brother in Arms

This event requires players to complete a few daily missions and collect the respective rewards. This event is already underway having started yesterday on 11th August, and will be coming to an end on 17th August.

  • Play with friends in Classic Mode every day at least once: 10 AG

  • Play with friends in Classic Mode five times every day: 150 BP

  • Play with friends in Classic Mode eight times every day: 150 AG

BGMI Independence Day Mahotsav - Daily Missions

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Independence Day: Login Event

This event does not even require players to do anything other than opening and logging in to their BGMI accounts every day to simply collect the reward for that day. This event started today on 12th August and will be coming to an end on 20th August.

Here are the rewards that players can claim on each and every day of the event,

  • Day 1: 500 BP

  • Day 2: 20 RP

  • Day 3: 50 AG

  • Day 4: 2 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap

  • Day 5: 2 Parachute Trail (Green)

  • Day 6: 1 Supply Crate Coupon

  • Day 7: 1 Purple Magnolia AWM Skin - 15 Days (Duration)

Both the BGMI Independence Day events can be found under the 'Events' tabe in-game, under the 'Recommended' section. Apart from these two events, the phase two of the Sand Bottle event is also live and BGMI players can also complete that if they have the time and patience to grind through the missions.

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