All The Teasers For BGMI Release on iOS Devices

Krafton has teased quite a bit about the release of BGMI for iOS devices.

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Krafton has been dropping massive hints about Battlegrounds Mobile India's release for iOS devices since 7th August.
The developers have officially dropped three huge teasers so far to hype up the BGMI community.
No official date has been teased or announced by the developers so far.

Since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) pre-registrations had gone live for Android users on the Google Play Store, the only question that users have asked Krafton is the whereabouts of the game's release for iOS devices. For a long time, Krafton's response to this query was as follows, "We will keep our fans informed on further developments. New updates will be released on our official website and social networks, so please stay tuned for further news!” However, the situation seems to have changed with the game closing in on its first-ever competitive tournament Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021.

Here is everything that has been officially teased by Krafton so far about BGMI being released for iOS users.

Everything that has been teased so far about BGMI being released for iOS devices

The first official tease by Krafton about the India exclusive mobile Battle Royale coming to iOS devices was witnessed on 7th August, taking the Indian mobile gaming community by absolute surprise.

The developers released a photo with a huge question mark and the Apple logo at the bottom of it. This was a clear tease as the caption read "We thought you missed it earlier. So, just wanted to let you know."

Krafton's First Tease About BGMI for iOS Devices

This was followed by an even bigger teaser on 10th August, as Krafton posted another image on its official social media pages. This time the post showcased a chat taking place between in a WhatsApp group named "When will it come for iOS".

Krafton's Second Teaser About BGMI for iOS Devices

On the same day, the developers dropped another teaser for the game with the picture reading "Tell us you love apples without telling us you love apples."

These are all official teasers that Krafton has released so far as the BGMI community is excited for the release of the Battle Royale for iOS devices, a request that has been in high demand since the very first day of the game's release.

It is unclear if BGMI will be released for iOS devices before Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 kicks off, as despite all the tease no release date has been officially confirmed so far. There are a lot of speculations around various release dates, but no solid proof to back those claims.

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