BGIS 2023 Round 3 Day 2 Group 3: Match Summary, Qualified Teams and More

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BGIS 2023


Team Insane and Brave Esports continued their momentum from Day 1 and have qualified for the quarterfinals.
Hyderabad Hydras made a significant comeback on Day 2 amassing 52 points alongside grabbing a spot in the quarterfinals.

Underdog teams have been a dominant force in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 event. Experienced teams have faced difficulties in countering underdog teams’ strategies.

Team Insane finished first in Group 3 of the BGIS 2023 Round 3 with 107 points. The squad put on a fantastic performance across its six matches, picking up 60 finish points as well. Brave Esports, an underdog team, finished second with 94 points including 51 finish points.

BGIS Group 3 Day 2 match summary

Match 4 Erangel: Nfexffr Esports' outstanding performance earned the team a 24 point chicken dinner. Tintin and Frost from their squad took four and three finishes each. Hyderabad Hydras also made a comeback to secure 17 points including seven finish points. ORB Esports also performed admirably and earned 17 valuable points.

Spyder Esports and Brave Esports received 14 and 13 points, respectively. S1mple from Brave took six eliminations. Team Insane was eliminated in the initial stage, but the team still managed to get six points. 

Match 5 Miramar: ORB Esports won the penultimate match of the group and secured 21 points. ELF Clan also put forth a good showcasing, earning 24 points, 12 of which came from finishes. Nfexffr and Team Insane received 17 and 15 points, respectively.

Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi’s survival gameplay aided Hyderabad Hydras in securing 10 points in its fifth game. Three of the team’s athletes were eliminated earlier in the game, but he played well enough to make it all the way to the seventh zone.

Match 6 Sanhok: In the final game for Group 3, the Hyderabad Hydras squad secured an important 25 point chicken dinner. Ultron was a crucial component once again adding four eliminations to his name. Brave Esports fought hard to earn 20 points. S1mple was the team’s star player again and took eight finishes for himself.

Team Insane scored 17 points, to extend its lead. ORB Esports and Nfexffr each scored 14 points. Revenge yet again had a dismal game, taking only one point.

Quarter Finals qualified teams from Group 3:

  1. Team Insane

  2. Brave Esports

  3. ORB Esports

  4. Hyderabad Hydras

Although Hyderabad Hydras was placed 10th with only 15 points after its initial three matches it made a comeback on Day 2 and amassed 52 points in the last three matches which led to its qualifications. Brave Esports, an underdog team, was able to impress the fans with its consistent gameplay and also grab a spot in the quarterfinals.

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