BGIS 2023 Round 3 Day 2 Group 2: Match Summary, Qualified Teams and More

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BGIS 2023


Upcoming teams like Great Esports,1M Officials and Trouble Makerz have shown consistent performances, leading to their qualification in the quarterfinals.
Team Godlike was unable to perform on Day 2, grabbing only 10 points from three matches, and is on the verge of elimination.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023  Round 3 Group 2 has seen underdog teams dominate and put forth great fights against experienced teams. Seasoned teams in this group have been tested to their extreme and some also had to face elimination from the event.

Gods Reign came out on top in Group 2 of the BGIS 2023. It finished with a total of 123 points following its outstanding effort. 1M Officials, an upcoming team finished second with 76 points. Great Esports and Trouble Makerz continued their momentum from Day 1 and delivered consistent performances on Day 2 as well.

BGIS 2023 Group 2 match summary

Match 4 Vikendi: On Day 2, Marcos At Battle had an outstanding start earning a 26 point chicken dinner. The team’s players Hrts, MB52, and Manglu had four, three, and three finishes respectively. Hamza “Blaze” Hyderabadwala and Shubham “Ninja” Sahoo helped Gods Reign secure 21 points. Despite losing two of their teammates in the initial stages, the duo amassed 11 eliminations collectively. Gear5 made a comeback and got 18 points for its efforts, while Team Heartbreakers and 1M Officials scored 11 and 10, respectively. Team GodLike was eliminated by Marcos At Battle and was able to get only a single point.

Match 5 Miramar: Team Heartbreakers won the penultimate match of the day and secured a stunning 23 point chicken dinner. Trouble Makerz was able to accumulate 23 points after some aggressive gameplay. Great Esports and Team Executors’ earned 19 and 15 points for their consistent performances.

GodLike Esports started the match by defeating 1M Officials in their initial fight. However, the star lineup was eliminated earlier in the game with only five points.

Match 6 Erangel: 1M Officials was able to grab the chicken dinner in the last match of the day with 27 total points. CS Esports also performed admirably, earning 21 vital points. Gods Reign and Great Esports continued their momentum and both received 15 points, while Team Executors and Red Code received 14 and 11, respectively. GodLike Esports failed to perform in its most critical BGIS match yet again and received only four points.

Qualified Teams from Group 2:

  1. Gods Reign

  2. 1M Officials

  3. Great Esports

  4. Trouble Makerz

Group 2 has been dominated by underdog teams like Great Esports and Trouble Makerz. The seasoned squad of Team Godlike dominated Day 1 but showed a sub par performance on Day 2 and is on the verge of elimination from BGIS 2023.

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