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BGIS 2023 Round 2 Day 4 Recap: Overall Standings, Summary and Qualified Teams

Umesh Borkar
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Underdog teams stamp authority in front of seasoned teams and dominate Round 2.
Team Godlike, Team X Spark and Crosskill Esports dominated Day 3 and 4 of Round 2 and became the only teams to secure more than 100 points in just six games.

Day 4 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 Round 2 has concluded and it marks the end of the matches for Groups 23 and 24 and also the end of Round 2. The top seven teams from each group have advanced to Round 3 of the BGIS 2023. The second round featured 32 groups of 16 teams each. These teams competed for the 224 slots in Round 3 during the four-day series.

Day 3 saw popular teams such as Team Godlike and Team X Spark put forth some incredible fights and it continued on Day 4 as well. Underdog teams brought about their best performance and some of them were able to grab a spot in Round 3 as well.

BGIS 2023 Round 2 Day 4 summary

Group 23 overview: Team Godlike impressed everyone with its performance in Round 2 of the BGIS 2023. The team finished first with 133 points and 78 finish points, demonstrating the squad's dominance and consistency.

Team X Spark, was placed second and earned 109 points, 60 of which came via eliminations. 4 Sentinels and Deus Esports finished on the third and fourth spots with 62 and 58 points, respectively. Riot Esports also put forth some great fights but fell short by just 2 points for the qualification spot.

Group 6 qualified teams for Round 3:

Team GodLike

Team XSpark

4 Sentinels

Deus Esports

9Tail Esports

War Gods

Team GWL

Group 24 overview:Crosskill Esports, an upcoming and inexperienced team asserted its dominance and earned 107 points with 49 finishes and two Chicken Dinners. The roster continued its excellent performance throughout both the days and was placed at the top of the table.

OR Esports, who had finished third after the three matches on Day 1, rose to the second position with 74 total points on Day 2. Even though OR Esports was not able to secure a chicken dinner, the team did put forth a good performance. Elf Clan grabbed the third spot with 66 points. BR Vintage gave it its all and secured the fourth spot with 62 points. Despite getting a Chicken Dinner, No Mercy Esports was unable to advance to the BGIS 2023 Round 3 as it only managed to secure 38 points in six games. Telugu Gods also fared poorly in this round, scoring only seven points.

Group 7 qualified teams for Round 3:

  • Crosskill Esports

  • OR Esports

  • ELF Clan

  • BR Vintage

  • 4Strangers

  • Team Fuze

  • TeM No Skills

Round 3 will start on 14th September with 256 teams, including the 224 teams qualified from Round 2 and the top 32 teams from the BGIS 2023 The Grind event. Several renowned teams like Gladiators Esports, Blind Esports, Team Soul, and many others will return to the event.

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