Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access Revealed: All You Need to Know

BGMI players will be able to retrieve their old account data.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Krafton released the Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access version today on June17.
Multiple top Indian livestreamers and content creators were able to get their hands on the open beta version, showcasing everything that the game has to offer.
Check out some unique features that distinguish the India-exclusive Battle Royale from the global version.

Krafton earlier today on June 17 released the early access version of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on the Google Play Store. A handful of players along with some popular Indian streamers and content creators were able to get their hands on this open beta version. However, the testing programme reached its user limit extremely fast and "isn't accepting any more testers" at this point in time. However, APK copies of the BGMI early access installer is now available for download from various third-party sources.

Krafton has allowed the transfer of data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI for former players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access Version: Complete Information

The early access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the India-exclusive Battle Royale was released in the early hours of 17th June 2021, with various local content creators and livestreamers starting to showcase how the mobile game looks and what it has to offer.

BGMI consists of a lot of gameplay elements that PUBG Mobile players are familiar with. However, it also offers some unique features that distinguish it from the global version.

Simulation Message and Addiction Warning

It is revealed to be set in a virtual simulation training ground and players are made aware of this fact via an audio message, which plays everytime before the beginning of a match. Since the game is taking place in a simulation, players release a flash of green light instead of blood when they are killed, in an attempt to reduce the gore in the game.

BGMI - Simulation Message


The game also consists of a large number of health and addiction warnings. An audio message also delivers a warning against game addiction, informing the players to take breaks and play the game responsibly.

This is a simulation game set in a virtual world and does not represent real life. Please play in moderation, take frequent breaks, and play responsibly.
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Season 19 Traverse

Like the global version of PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India is also running the latest 'Season 19 Traverse'. So all current ongoing content including the Traverse - Insectoid Mode, the Godzilla vs Kong theme, cosmetic bundles, weapon skins, events, and more is available to Indian players.

Account Transfer

Battlegrounds Mobile India's early access release suggests that the game will allow PUBG Mobile players to transfer over their old accounts. This means that PUBG Mobile in-game items and cosmetics that players may have purchased in the past will be usable in BGMI.

When starting the game for the first time users will have to login either through Twitter or Facebook, and create a new BGMI account. Then from the in-game settings players can opt to transfer data from their old account.

However, not all the data is available for transfer over to BGMI. You can find a detailed list of what can be transferred below.

Third-Party BGMI Early Access APK and OBB Download Links

Though the BGMI early access version went live today, the limited slots were over almost immediately. So most of the users who wanted to try out this open beta were unable to do so. However users can use third party APK links that several streamers have been listing in their YouTube descriptions or Discord servers. It is roughly 700 MB in size but if you were to download all the maps and other avilable content it could go up to 1.75 GB.

That said, we’d recommend waiting for an official release of Battlegrounds Mobile India instead of downloading it from unofficial sources.

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